In January of 2016 my son and I joined my sister-in-law and her mother on a trip to the Philippines. Her mom was born on the island of Luzon and we were going there not only to explore an amazing place but also to meet that side of the family. We had an amazing time! This is a collection of reviews of my favorite places and my son still wants to go back again.



  • Camp John Hay – coming soon!
  • Chocolate de Batirol – coming soon!
  • Philippine Military Academy – coming soon!
  • Baguio EcoPark – coming soon!
  • Burnham Park – coming soon!

Further Afield

  • Ocean Adventure Sea Park (Subic Bay) – coming soon!
  • Banana Boats and Beach Time – coming soon!


A Word on Safety in the PI

Our trip to the Philippines felt inherently safer as we traveled with locals who knew where to go and not go and are native Tagalog speakers. There are parts of the Philippines that are very dangerous right now and with our fair skin and red-hair, we would really stick out! The southern part of the country is especially dangerous as there have been reported kidnappings for ransom. The US State Department has issued warnings about the islands US citizens should avoid. We heeded their warnings as I was traveling with my sister and my son and felt it was best not to take any unnecessary risks. We also registered for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Programthrough the US State Department. The S.T.E.P program lets the embassies know where you are while you are traveling, sends you information that might be important about various situations happening near you, and contacts family members in case of any emergencies.

The way we traveled made me feel really safe and the Filipino people are friendly and warm, very welcoming, and they love children. The majority of the people are absolutely wonderful and there is a show of respect across age groups and family units are tightly woven networks. The people watch out for each other, especially children, even if the children are not their own.


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