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fullsizerender-01I have been boating since I was very young. We had a big man-made reservoir very near my hometown and were members of the “yacht club” there. It was more of a sailing club with boats that were 36′ and shorter, potlucks and camping, playgrounds, trailers of all sorts, murky swimming areas filled with creepy carp, and awesome 4th of July festivities. It was a place where everyone knew everyone, the kids would stalk the clubhouse so that the lucky one would get to ring the great big bell for dinner or meetings, and we would be relentless in our pursuit of money from our parents for ice cream that was for sale at the caretakers single-wide. He was really grumpy towards children, but you could always see a soft spot there and he wasn’t as scary as he tried to act. It was kid heaven as my parents took to the water for the races and we ran like wild children all over the place. I love to be on the water and on a boat. It is still heaven. This is something my son has been introduced to and has enjoyed all of his years too.

fullsizerenderThese days things look a little different for us from back then. Gone are the days we haul our 27′ Catalina up to Anacortes to start our adventure with our 73′ Chevy pickup breaking down in the middle of I-5 in Seattle in the downtown underpass. Gone are the days we watch them hoist our mast back onto our little boat before watching with fear and excitement as the boat is lifted off the trail into the water. These days the boat is moored up north making access easy to Puget Sound, the Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast. We have a full kitchen, toilets that can be pumped out, a motor that goes faster than 4 knots, and a galley worthy of any house. We still watch for weather and have been caught in some nasty systems, but that is part of adventuring and more than makes up for the amazing things we see and experience.

img_2210Every summer we take off for a few weeks with my parents on their boat. For 13 years we joined them on their 47′ Swan sail boat, Swansong. This was my dad’s dream boat. This year we joined them on their new boat, a 56′ Alaskan, Swan Song, my mom’s dream boat. While the boats have changed to make life easier for my folks and to accommodate our larger family our adventures continue the same as they always have. This is not only a really fun adventure for me to be able to share with my son and my parents, but it allows me to go back to several places we went when I was a child. Our trips to Canada taught me about foreign currency and what different stamps look like in other places (something we don’t see as often these days), I learned about customs, and that even though we might come from different places there are far more similarities between people than differences.

Here you will find information about the places we go, what we love, what we haven’t loved as much, and where we want to go next. I am breaking it out into sections based on location. Click the link for the area you are interested in. I will be releasing new blog posts over a few weeks, so if the link isn’t there yet, please be patient! I am probably working on it!

Never stop adventuring!

San Juan Islands, WA : including San Juan Island, Sucia, Orcas,

Gulf Islands, BC : including Salt Spring Island, Monteaux Bay,

Sunshine Coast, BC : Powell River, Desolation Sound (Prideaux Haven), Cortes, Tribune Bay

Victoria, BC : includes Sidney, Butchart Gardens, downtown Victoria, Brentwood Bay, Cadboro-Gyro area

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