Loving Nature to Death

I consider myself a big proponent of encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature. It is good for us. It teaches us things. It slows us down and we build better connections. One great place to experience this is at our National Parks. Yosemite was our first national park and Yellowstone was the first... Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks: National Parks Newspapers

After doing national parks for the last three years I have learned a few things. 1) If you can book reservations do it, and do it early. 2) Hit the visitor Center first thing so you can figure out where you are going and what you are doing. 3) Most importantly, when they hand you... Continue Reading →

Not a real post..but a favor!

Hi friends! I have just entered the "Share the Experience" photo contest, and I am wondering if you might be willing to help me? I have entered 2 photos into two of the categories, if you think they are good, I am hoping you might vote for them. It relates to the blog, because these... Continue Reading →

Favorites: Mama’s Go Tos!

I have gone over the several things that are favorites of kids with sports, art, games, and puzzles. Eventually I will talk about some of our favorite apps, but right now I thought it would be good to turn the focus to the Mamas. I am packing for our big trip and starting to pull... Continue Reading →

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