Tip & Trick: Hanging Masterpieces!

I was perusing the Container Store one day, looking for a couple of organizing things I had learned about, when I came across these simple stainless steel strips. On closer inspection I realized they had adhesive stickers on the back so I wouldn't need to put holes in the walls of the trailer. I picked... Continue Reading →

Bridge Bay Campground – Yellowstone National Park

After changing our reservation from 2 nights at Canyon Campground to 1, we needed another campground where we could drop anchor. After talking to the nice people at the Canyon Reservations desk, they were able to get us a spot at Bridge Bay Campground, which is just across the road from Yellowstone Lake. The drive... Continue Reading →

Summer planning has begun!

I start getting the itch to get back out camping about 2 weeks after I have finished winterizing our sweet little Dottie. That puts us in October usually, and by this time of year, I start watching weather forecasts to see if I might be able to sneak in a trip. I also start filling... Continue Reading →

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