National Park: Yellowstone National Park (MT/WY/ID)

One of the National Parks that was first on my list to visit was Yellowstone National Park. It is the Grand-daddy of the National Parks System and has so many ecosystems that there is something for everyone! This National Park has been a leader in conservation for a number of years and is such an amazing place when... Continue Reading →

Gros Ventre Campground – Grand Teton National Park

After our night at Signal Mountain Campground, we decided to get up early and have breakfast. We loaded up the car and started on our drive to Gros Ventre Campground (pronounced Grow-vont...I was corrected a few times). Before we left the Signal Mountain area we noticed lots of cars parked along the side of the... Continue Reading →

Special Sunsets!

So, we are on vacation and that means I allow myself to buy and read magazines. Two that caught my eye this week at the store were these Sunset Magazines. They offer suggested activities, places to visit, recipes, reviews on camping gear, and provide different camping ideas for those who don't have something to tow.... Continue Reading →

Summer planning has begun!

I start getting the itch to get back out camping about 2 weeks after I have finished winterizing our sweet little Dottie. That puts us in October usually, and by this time of year, I start watching weather forecasts to see if I might be able to sneak in a trip. I also start filling... Continue Reading →

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