Hiking with Kids: National Creek Falls (Rogue River Siskyou National Forest)

Nitty-gritty: 0.5 mile hike to the falls The elevation gain is only about 170 feet Great for families! The falls put off a great deal of mist which is very refreshing on warm/hot days! During our weekend in southern Oregon where we stayed at Farewell Bend Campground and visited Crater Lake National Park, we wanted to... Continue Reading →

Iceland Anyone?

Back in September we made a trip to Europe to visit my husband's family. We spent most of our time in England, but due to the routing of our flights, we were going to have a layover in Reykjavik. After thinking about it for a half second, we decided we should probably get out and... Continue Reading →

Back to the real world!

The trailer is unloaded, the last dirt and grime is washed off of us (still need to wash the car and trailer), laundry has been started, dinner has been eaten, a very exhausted boy has been put to bed, and now I can tell you about our latest trip! We did a 4-day trip to... Continue Reading →

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