Travel: A few of our favorite things in Eugene, Oregon!

Last weekend kiddo and I took a short drive south to my home town of Eugene, Oregon to spend a weekend with my family. With the long holiday we got an extra day there and were able to do a couple of things that we don't normally get to do. I thought I would share... Continue Reading →

Travel: The Victoria Bug Zoo (Victoria, BC)

The nature of my blog is changing a little bit. We spend time camping, but we also do other travel and I am having a hard time containing myself when it comes to writing about the other things we see. The Pacific-Northwest isn't just Oregon, Washington and Northern California. It includes British Columbia as well... Continue Reading →

Heading to Orlando!

Well everyone, I had an amazing book to share with you this week, but decided to bump it to next week since our little family is leaving on a jet plane first thing Wednesday morning. I mean first thing. Like we are going to be at the airport at 4:00 in the morning to make our... Continue Reading →

Travel: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last week I wrote about the first 10 days of our trip to Europe last summer, where we were visiting my husband's family. As we were on vacation we were really craving some warm beach time with a lovely sea where we could swim and frolic! England really doesn't offer much in that regard, so we knew we... Continue Reading →

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