Review: BioLite Grill

Out in these parts, the end of March isn't known as much as the start of Spring or Easter time. It is better known as "Dividend Season". For those who don't know, we have an outdoor store called REI. It first opened in Seattle and has grown over the years. Customers can pay a life... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Apple Gorgonzola Proscuitto Pizza

We got back almost 2 weeks ago from a camping trip, and I got knocked down with a really nasty stomach bug. The bright side of that down time was that I came up with a few new blog posts! I am getting started with this one. I created this recipe here at home, and... Continue Reading →

Travel Suggestions – Road Trips!

In October 2011, the Lad, my mom and I drove from Oregon to Wisconsin to pick our little trailer, Dottie, up from the manufacturer.  I found, about 3 hours into the trip, that the movies didn't load correctly onto my new iPad, and we were going to have to do something to keep the Lad... Continue Reading →

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