OR – Tillamook Cheese Factory Visitor’s Center (Tillamook)

http://www.tillamook.com/cheesefactory/index.htmlI can't speak for all locals, but I am a huge fan of the Tillamook products.  We love their cheese and their yogurts, and who can pass up ice cream when you are having a day at the beach? A fun activity when you are in the Tillamook area, is to head to the cheese factory. ... Continue Reading →

Cape Lookout State Park (Tillamook)

http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_186.php The last few days of our 2 week Redwoods trip, we met up with some friends and camped at Cape Lookout State Park.  I had read that this was a great campsite and people raved about it.  After so many really great, really scenic, really special places, I was a little unimpressed. First off,... Continue Reading →

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