Campground Review: Fort Stevens State Park (Hammond)

Looking for a great campground on the Northern Oregon Coast? We just fell hard for Fort Stevens where you not only get beautiful nature but a history lesson. Check out our review here!

Activities: Spring Breaking in Seattle

Spring Break this year was a pretty mellow affair for us. My husband had just returned from a business trip to China which left himĀ feeling jet-lagged and we had no plans. My parents had invited us to stay on their boat in Seattle for a few days. After havingĀ a few days at home exhausting our... Continue Reading →

Lincoln City

We just got back this afternoon from a quick weekend trip to Lincoln City. We had a great time and got to check out a new beach (for us). It provided some great surfing (although, my husband does it in his river kayak), and some great beach time for me and Laddy. Click here to... Continue Reading →

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