Hiking with kids: Blueberry Trail (Whistler, BC)

This winter break we were lucky enough to have a couple of weeks up in Whistler where we enjoyed time skiing and with our extended family. This has been a place we have been coming to since I was 14 years old and there are parts I never explored. I have spent more time in... Continue Reading →

Travel: San Juan Island, WA

The San Juan Islands have become a big time destination for travelers, and not just locals to the Pacific Northwest. People are flocking here from all over to get a sense of what our boating/island life is like while enjoying the Northwest culture and food. Many of the islands can be easily accessed via ferry... Continue Reading →

Tip & Trick: Pedicures!

I know what you are thinking right now. "Pedicures? Seriously? How is this a tip & trick for camping?" Yes. I am serious! This is a tip, although maybe not so much a trick. I am not sure if your kids are as dirty as mine, but after a good amount of camping time, I... Continue Reading →

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