Update: Dottie has left us

A chapter has ended. Dottie, our 2010 Camp-Inn 560 Ultra has joined her new family. She was picked up last weekend and we (read I) have been working through those feelings. She was more than just a little trailer for me, but seeing the how excited the new family is about her and hearing all... Continue Reading →

Tip & Trick : Packing Cubes!

Loose lips sink ships and so do unorganized messes when it comes to clothes in a tiny camper. Seriously, when you have 3 people to worry about, it can be down right insane. I also don't want big bulky bags in the trailer that take up valuable space (despite my husbands pleas...he has relinquished to... Continue Reading →

A little cute for the galley!

In the past, I have kept the toothbrushes in a basket in the cabin of our trailer, along with the toothpaste and a load of other toilettries, which lead to digging and searching and trying to find them every night. They are always hiding in the very back. I am pretty sure they have legs.... Continue Reading →

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