Activity: Zip-lining with Ziptrek Ecotours (Whistler, BC)

We have gone zip-lining in lots of places and usually it is somewhere warm. My son doesn't weigh very much and often doesn't meet the requirement for many zip-line operations. We checked in with Ziptrek Ecotours to see if they might be able to accommodate us and they could on one of their tours. We... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Pocket Book Series from Kane Miller

5 out of 5 Stars My son is a big fan of certain non-fiction books. He loves to read the World Record Books and things about space and rockets and cars and science. One of our favorite book series are the the Pocket Books from Kane Miller. These are fantastic little books (no really, they... Continue Reading →

Travel: San Juan Island, WA

The San Juan Islands have become a big time destination for travelers, and not just locals to the Pacific Northwest. People are flocking here from all over to get a sense of what our boating/island life is like while enjoying the Northwest culture and food. Many of the islands can be easily accessed via ferry... Continue Reading →

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