Movie Review: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Yesterday I was invited to the press screening of the new Disney live action movie "Beauty and the Beast". The movie releases to the general public on 17 Mach 2017. Walking out all I could think was "WOW!". This movie is everything the animated version was and so much more! General First Impressions I would give... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

On Monday night we were given tickets for an advanced screening of The Lego Batman Movie which releases in the theaters to the general public on Friday February 10 (2017). It was lucky my husband was traveling on business that night because my son was absolutely dying to go and I had only 2 tickets. It is... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Disney’s “Moana”

This week we were given the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Disney's newest film "Moana" which opens to the general public on 23 November and has been rated PG. We give it is solid 4.75 out of 5 stars! (Men, women and boys alike!) Moana is an adventurous 16-year-old daughter of the chief of Motunui who... Continue Reading →

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