Travel: San Juan Island, WA

The San Juan Islands have become a big time destination for travelers, and not just locals to the Pacific Northwest. People are flocking here from all over to get a sense of what our boating/island life is like while enjoying the Northwest culture and food. Many of the islands can be easily accessed via ferry... Continue Reading →

Hikes for Kids: Garfield Peak Trail (Crater Lake National Park)

Nitty-gritty: Trail will be covered in snow from October until July usually, and the upper portion of the hike can be covered in snow until late July Trail length is 3.5 miles total and climbs about 1115 feet. You are hiking at elevation (7090 - 8,060 ft) This trail is listed as a difficult hike, and is fine... Continue Reading →

National Park: Mesa Verde (CO)

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we made the relatively short drive (by our standards at this point in the trip) east through Arizona, quickly through New Mexico (with a stop for lemonade and Navajo Fry bread at Four Corners National Monument) and into Colorado for our visit of Mesa Verde National Park. We decided to... Continue Reading →

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