Travel: A few of our favorite things in Eugene, Oregon!

Last weekend kiddo and I took a short drive south to my home town of Eugene, Oregon to spend a weekend with my family. With the long holiday we got an extra day there and were able to do a couple of things that we don't normally get to do. I thought I would share... Continue Reading →

Happy Camper, indeed!

During our trip to Lake Shasta a few weeks ago, I had to run to the store to pick up a few things that I (ehmmm) forgot. I blame the massive garage re-org just before the trip, but the fact is, I didn't go through things as thoroughly as I should have. It was serendipitous... Continue Reading →

First recipe! Finally!

I have been promising recipes. I haven't done recipes. So sorry! Here is my first recipe. This is a favorite for us to eat while camping. It is super easy, requires 1 pot and about 10 minutes. Here is what I use: The ingredients First thing I do is cook the Israeli Cous Cous per... Continue Reading →

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