Favorite: Math Dice!

This spring we had our Spring Conference with our son's teacher a few weeks ago. He got a glowing report, but she was suggesting to all parents that we get math flash cards for our kids to practice quick addition and subtraction. Getting him to use flash cards is super tough because they aren't that... Continue Reading →

Favorites: Mama’s Go Tos!

I have gone over the several things that are favorites of kids with sports, art, games, and puzzles. Eventually I will talk about some of our favorite apps, but right now I thought it would be good to turn the focus to the Mamas. I am packing for our big trip and starting to pull... Continue Reading →

Books: 100 Hikes in…

Northwesterners are known for a few things. We like and make lots of beer. We like coffee. We like wine. We like weird (that might just be Portland though). And one of the few things we like, that isn't a vice, is hikes and walks. We like to go when it is sunny or rainy,... Continue Reading →

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