Hikes for Kids: Garfield Peak Trail (Crater Lake National Park)

Nitty-gritty: Trail will be covered in snow from October until July usually, and the upper portion of the hike can be covered in snow until late July Trail length is 3.5 miles total and climbs about 1115 feet. You are hiking at elevation (7090 - 8,060 ft) This trail is listed as a difficult hike, and is fine... Continue Reading →

Hiking with Kids: National Creek Falls (Rogue River Siskyou National Forest)

Nitty-gritty: 0.5 mile hike to the falls The elevation gain is only about 170 feet Great for families! The falls put off a great deal of mist which is very refreshing on warm/hot days! During our weekend in southern Oregon where we stayed at Farewell Bend Campground and visited Crater Lake National Park, we wanted to... Continue Reading →

Loving Nature to Death

I consider myself a big proponent of encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature. It is good for us. It teaches us things. It slows us down and we build better connections. One great place to experience this is at our National Parks. Yosemite was our first national park and Yellowstone was the first... Continue Reading →

Crater Lake National Park (OR)

My son and I were heading south to Gold Rush country, just east of Sacramento for the wedding of a dear friend. To break up our drive down and to show Laddy one of the wonders of Oregon, I decided to route us through Southern Oregon so we cold spend a day at Crater Lake... Continue Reading →

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