Campground Review: Fort Stevens State Park (Hammond)

Looking for a great campground on the Northern Oregon Coast? We just fell hard for Fort Stevens where you not only get beautiful nature but a history lesson. Check out our review here!

Book Review: The Turn of the Tide by Rosanne Parry

3.75 out of 5 stars My son had a birthday recently and our local book store always sends him a coupon to come in a shop for a new book. He loves it, so on our most recent trip in I noticed my book stack getting smaller and decided to pick up a few new... Continue Reading →

In the clear and in the dark!

These last few months have been a little stressful around here, and I fell off the face of the blogosphere. Now that I have been given a clean bill of health (big exhale and "YAHOOO"¬†right here!), I can devote a little more¬†headspace to the blog again. Plus, lately I have simply been pining to be... Continue Reading →

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