Loving Nature to Death

I consider myself a big proponent of encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature. It is good for us. It teaches us things. It slows us down and we build better connections. One great place to experience this is at our National Parks. Yosemite was our first national park and Yellowstone was the first... Continue Reading →

Arches National Park (UT)

We visited Arches National Park on Halloween day 2010, and it was amazing. It was someplace we had always wanted to check out and as we were on our way home from Wisconsin figured it was worth heading a bit south for. We were not wrong! We had about 4 hours that day to devote... Continue Reading →

Moab Valley RV Resort (Moab)

In October 2010, on our way back from picking Dottie up in WI, we decided to route ourselves so we could check out Arches National Park. ┬áIt was somewhere both my mom and I wanted to see, and we figured this was as good a time as any! We made a reservation at Moab Valley... Continue Reading →

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