When To Hike Torres Del Paine?

With long, light days and a good chance of clear, bright skies, the Patagonian summer months of December to February are generally considered the best time to visit Torres del Paine National Park.

Can you hike Torres del Paine in winter?

You can still hike the most famous trails in Torres del Paine in winter. The Base of the Towers, French Valley and Grey Peninsula routes are all open, however as the refugios between them are not, some days will start with a transfer from your hotel to the trailhead.

How long is the Torres del Paine Day hike?

The hike to the base of Torres del Paine officially starts at Hotel Las Torres, but if doing it as a day trip/not staying at the hotel, you’ll have to begin at the Torres del Paine Welcome Centre. From here, the Torres del Paine towers hike is just shy of 21 km/13 mi round trip and takes 8- 10 hours to complete.

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Can you hike Torres del Paine in May?

Daylight: With only around 9 hours of sunlight, the days will feel short. There is less opportunity to take your time on the trails. Advantages: The park is far quieter in May, and is starting to settle into low season. You’re likely to have the trails to yourself, to enjoy the flora and fauna at leisure.

Why do people go to Torres del Paine?

1. Incredible landscapes: You will hardly find other places in Chile as deep as the ones you will find in the park. Walking and seeing the Cuernos del Paine, further back the Torres del Paine along with lakes of colors, rivers and valleys is an experience you will not forget. 2.

Why is Torres del Paine famous?

Torres del Paine National Park is best known as a hiker’s paradise. Its most famous hike involves a demanding 31-mile walk up and down the park’s valleys to see its most famous sights. The route takes the shape of a “W”, hence the name W Trek.

How many miles is Torres del Paine hike?

The Torres del Paine W trek is a ‘w’ shaped hiking trail that covers a distance of around 50-miles (80 km) through Torres del Paine National Park.

Are there day hikes in Torres del Paine?

Torres del Paine boasts two multi-day trekking routes; the W trek and the O circuit as well as many day trails. Several parts of the long routes can be walked as day hikes from different parts of Torres del Paine.

Can you do Torres del Paine in a day?

Can you visit Torres del Paine in a day? Yes, it’s possible to visit Torres del Paine National Park in one day. However, because it takes around 1.5-2 hours to drive from Puerto Natales (the nearest town) to the park, you can expect a tour of the national park to constitute a very long day.

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Can you hike Torres del Paine without a guide?

This is an important question for many planning a visit to Torres del Paine and the choice will likely come down to experience, personal preference, and your desire to put in the time to plan your own trip. If you’re an experienced backpacker, it is absolutely possible to hike independently.

Is Torres del Paine crowded?

Crowds: Low. Spring is low/shoulder season in Torres del Paine, so it’s a great time to visit if you don’t enjoy crowded outdoor places. *Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, availability should be checked with our team.

How much does it cost to hike Torres del Paine?

The cost of hiking in Torres del Paine Entrance fee – CLP 21 000/US$26 in season, off-season (May to September) – CLP 11 000/US$14; the price is fixed and doesn’t depend on the duration of your visit; no matter if you stay for a couple of hours or a week.

Is Patagonia the most beautiful place on earth?

Patagonia: The most beautiful place on earth. ▲Cerro Fitz Roy is in the Los Glaciares National Park, where you will find towering mountains and incredible views. It’s the perfect place for a long hike. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who worked for Spain, was the first European to go to Patagonia in 1519.

Is Torres del Paine open?

Torres del Paine National Park, where our dome hotel EcoCamp Patagonia is located, is currently open and our hotel will also reopen in September.

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