Readers ask: What Is The Best Way To Secure A Permit To Hike Half Dome?

How To Get a Half Dome Hike Permit

  1. Win the pre-season permit lottery.
  2. Win the daily permit lottery 2 days before your hike.
  3. Hike to the Sub Dome and use another hiker’s empty permit slot.
  4. Add Half Dome onto a (overnight backpacking) wilderness permit.

Is it hard to get Half Dome permits?

To get a permit, you do need to be lucky, but there are some ways you can increase your chances. It’s almost impossible to get a permit for Saturday. The few days from July 4 through July 8 tend to have slightly smaller crowds than the other times of the summer (and fewer applications for the Half Dome cables).

Do you need a permit to hike Half Dome when the cables are down?

A permit is required to hike Half Dome when the cables are up. If you plan to hike Half Dome, you must have a permit. Backpackers, including those who want to camp in Little Yosemite Valley, should request a Half Dome permit with their wilderness permit.

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Why do you need a permit to hike Half Dome?

Permits to hike to the top of Half Dome are required seven days per week when the cables are up (as called for in the Half Dome Stewardship Plan in order to protect wilderness character, reduce crowding, protect natural and cultural resources, and improve safety).

What do I need to hike Half Dome?

Here is a typical packing list for the hike:

  1. High energy foods such as Bars & Nuts.
  2. About 1 gallon (3.8 l) of water/Gatorade (2l worked for me)
  3. Sun screen.
  4. Flash light (head mounted or hand held)
  5. Layered clothing (based upon weather)
  6. Hiking shoes or Trail running shoes (more below)
  7. First aid kit.
  8. Backpack (more below)

Can you hike Half Dome in one day?

You Can Hike Half Dome in a Day You have a few different trail options if you are conquering this iconic granite beast in a day, but no matter which trail you choose a day hike on Half Dome is going to require a minimum of 14 miles and 4,800 feet of elevation gain.

Do you need a harness for Half Dome?

Most people do not use a harness to climb Half Dome. If heights make you nervous, we highly recommend wearing a harness or not attempting this section of the hike. If you decide to use safety equipment, we recommend a Via Ferrata Kit, which includes a harness, a Y-shaped lanyard, and carabiners to clip onto the cables.

Is Half Dome a hard hike?

The trail to Half Dome from Yosemite Valley is an extremely strenuous hike covering over 17 miles. Hikers gain 4,800 feet of elevation along the trail that passes highlights such as Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall, before reaching the cables on Half Dome’s steep granite domes.

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Is Half Dome El Capitan?

They appear as tiny dots moving along El Capitan’s seemingly sheer surface. By far the most photographed spot in the park is Tunnel View, which frames Yosemite Valley to perfection, El Cap standing tall to the left, Half Dome in the center, and Bridalveil Fall to the right.

How long does it take to climb Half Dome cables?

The Half Dome Cable Hike will take hikers about 10 – 12 hours to complete, there and back, depending on skill level and weather. Undertakers of this trail will be rewarded with views of Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, Liberty Cap, and of course, Half Dome.

Can you see Half Dome without hiking?

Viewing Half Dome If you’re not a hiker, you ‘ll only see Half Dome from a distance, but it’s a prominent part of the Yosemite landscape. Tunnel View: From the vista point on Wawona Road just before you reach the tunnel, you can see Half Dome, El Capitan, and Bridalveil Falls all in the same panoramic view.

How much does it cost to hike Half Dome?

If you’re hankering to hike up Half Dome this summer, be prepared to pay a bit more. It now will cost you $20 for permits to use the trail lined with metal cables that lead to the 8,800-foot summit, according to a Yosemite National Park news release.

How fit do you have to be to hike Half Dome?

The trail up Half Dome is very steep and very slippery. This is not the place to confront your fears. You must have a very good level of physical fitness. You will be climbing (and then descending) 5,500 feet.

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Has anyone died hiking Half Dome?

Since 2005, there have been at least 13 deaths, 291 accidents and 140 search-and-rescue missions on Half Dome (2010 data not included). Before 2010, up to 1,200 people per day attempted the climb.

What is the angle of Half Dome cables?

The cables max out at around a 45° angle, but when walking up a stone surface worn smooth by thousands of years of high-altitude weather and thousands upon thousands of feet, with 2000+ foot drop-offs on either side, well…

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