Readers ask: Old Rag How Long To Hike?

Old Rag: What to Know Before You Tackle This Bucket List Hike

Trail Stats
Trail Type Lollipop
Elevation Gain 2,608 feet
Duration 5.5-6.5 hours
Terrain Mostly dirt, rock gravel trails, plus intense rock scrambles

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Can I hike Old Rag by myself?

You can hike Old Rag as a circuit (9.1 miles) or an out and back (8.2 miles). If you choose to go down via the rock scramble, know that you’ll be going against the flow of hiker traffic and on busy days everyone will hate you. Dogs are not allowed on Old Rag. Take water and snacks with you.

How difficult is it to hike Old Rag?

The Old Rag hike is strenuous, with lots of switchback trails and rock scrambling. The reward from the top of Old Rag is a 360° view of the Shenandoah Mountains. It’s a fun, challenging hike that is great for adults and very adventurous kids.

Can children hike Old Rag?

Old Rag is relatively easy for grown ups, but don’t expect to hike the entire trail with kids under maybe 9 or 10 years old. This depends on your child of course but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s 3 miles uphill with a rock climb at the end. But keep healthy snack and water rations high

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Has anyone died hiking Old Rag?

A man died over the weekend while hiking Old Rag. According to Shenandoah National Park Management Specialist Sally Hurlbert, a 42-year-old man collapsed Saturday afternoon while hiking with friends on Old Rag Mountain.

What is a rock scramble?

Rock scrambling is a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges. It’s not rock climbing, but it’s not walking either. Rock scrambles are typically associated with trails that offer ‘non-technical’ summits as a destination. Rock scrambles can be steep and often require climbing over cracks.

Can you hike Old Rag at night?

Due to the popularity of this hike you are rarely alone on this rugged trail, even at night. Some people hike up in the early morning hours to watch the sunrise, and some people, like the Boots ‘n Beer club, like to hike Old Rag in moonlight. For six years Boots ‘n Beer has been hiking Old Rag in moonlight.

Can dogs do old rag?

Pets are prohibited on the following trails: Limberlost Trail (mile 43) Post Office Junction to Old Rag Shelter. Old Rag Ridge Trail. Old Rag Saddle Trail.

What is the highest point in Shenandoah National Park?

The highest point in Shenandoah is the summit of Hawksbill Mountain at 4,050 feet. Getting to the summit entails a relatively short hike of less than 2 miles.

Can you camp on old rag?

Old Rag Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in Virginia. The first rule about camping on Old Rag is that you can’t camp anywhere above 2,800′ elevation. This shuts down any plans to camp anywhere near the rock scramble area. You’ll also need a Shenandoah National Park backcountry camping permit.

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Can you hike Old Rag backwards?

You could hike it backwards and then go back that way. It is all just a service road and some rock steps, no rock climbing on that side.

Why is it called Old Rag Mountain?

Geology. Old Rag Mountain is underlain by Old Rag Granite, named for its ubiquitous exposure on the mountain, formed during the Grenville Orogeny about a billion years ago.

What is a lollipop trail?

Lollipop. When a loop sits at the end of an out-and-back trail, it looks like a sucker. The out-and-back portion of the trail is called a stem, as you don’t turn around upon reaching the trail junction (like you would on an out-and-back trail) but continue on the loop.

Where do you park for old rag?

It will make sense when you drive along Nethers Road en route to the parking lots. On your GPS, enter 3577 Nethers Road, Etlan as the Old Rag parking lot address. The trailhead is to the left of the lot two ranger station.

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