Readers ask: How Much Does It Cost To Hike Devils Bridge?

Hiking Stats Red Rock Pass: You will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass to do this hike. The pass costs $5 per day or $15 for one week. The pass can be purchased at the fee machine at the trailhead (credit cards only). If you have an America the Beautiful Pass, you can use this rather than purchasing a Red Rock Pass.

Does it cost money to hike Devils Bridge?

Fee: If you park at the Dry Creek Road/Chuckwagon trail parking lot, you will need a $5 Red Rock Pass. If you drive to Devil’s Bridge trailhead or use the Mescal trail, you don’t need the Red Rock Pass.

How long does the Devil’s Bridge hike take?

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is fairly short (about 1.8 miles roundtrip), but you will probably end up walking a longer distance because of the rough roads and the available parking options. Expect to walk anywhere from 4 to 5.8 miles round-trip and take about 2 to 3 hours to complete the hike.

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Has anyone fallen off Devil’s Bridge Sedona?

Hyde, 53, was hiking with her husband and daughter near the Devil’s Bridge, north of Sedona, Ariz., in an area known for its rock formations when she fell about 75 feet in a freak accident, her husband Larry said. She was sitting on a nearby rock while he took photos of their 13-year-old daughter, Melanie.

Do you need a parking pass for Devils Bridge?

You are here This parking area does require a Red Rocks Pass or a $5 day use fee. This parking area does provide vault toilets, whereas the trailhead parking does not. You can then hike the road to the trailhead, which is mellow but dusty. Make sure you bring plenty of water, as the road and trail are very exposed.

Is Devil’s Bridge hike hard?

Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area. Don’t let its name fool you: it’s one of the most heavenly sights in an area famous for them. From a trailhead elevation of 4,600 feet, there’s a mere 400 foot climb in altitude during this moderately difficult, 1.8-mile roundtrip trek.

Is Devil’s Bridge kid friendly?

The good thing about Devils Bridge is that it’s perfect for casual hikers who don’t have the stamina to conquer harder climbs. That being said, this one is also actually kid-friendly. The early going will feel effortless, but it will eventually bring you to an uphill challenge, so you need to be more careful.

Is Devils Bridge better at sunrise or sunset?

The Devils Bridge faces east and has several tall mountains behind it. The best time to have the bridge illuminated will be a few hours after sunrise and a few before sunset in the summer. If seeing this place without the crowds is your goal, then early morning is the best time.

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Is Devils Bridge safe?

Quite a bit, as many hikers have found out when they see the thin archway of Devil’s Bridge Trail. The natural “bridge” is safe enough, with a little common sense, but can be frightening for those with a fear of heights. Surprisingly, it’s actually a relatively short and easy hike with a grand finale like no other.

Why is it called the Devil’s bridge?

Located in Kromlauer Park near Gablenz in eastern Germany, this unique bridge is shaped as a semi-circle. From a distance, the reflection in the water creates the image of a perfect sphere. It was called the “Devil’s Bridge” because its structure made it so dangerous that it must have been built by Satan, people said.

What is the hardest hike in the world?

The 10 Toughest/Most Dangerous Treks in the World

  1. The Death Trail -Mount Huashan, China.
  2. Drakensberg Traverse -South Africa.
  3. El Caminito del Rey -Spain.
  4. The Snowmen Trek -Bhutan.
  5. Skyline/Muir Snowfield Trail -Mount Rainier, Washington.
  6. Chadar Trek -Himalayas.
  7. West Coast Trail -Vancouver Island.
  8. Kalalau Trail -Kauai, Hawaii.

What does Sedona Vortex feel like? says, “You may feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on exposed skin, to a vibration emanating from the ground when you encounter a vortex. Most often a vortex is felt by palpable sensation across the nape of the neck and the shoulder blades.”

How wide is Devils Bridge?

The short – but strapping – Devil’s Bridge trail includes a steep, natural staircase that leads to the the most tremendous natural views of Sedona red rocks. The bridge, 5 feet in width, is a stupendous 45 feet in length, which is ideal for those seeking the perfect Instagram.

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Can you walk across Devil’s Bridge in Germany?

Rakotzbrücke, or Devil’s Bridge, is a picturesque bridge in Germany’s Kromlau. It was commissioned in 1860 by a knight in the local town. As one would expect, you are no longer permitted to cross the bridge, even on foot, in an effort to preserve it.

How do I get to the Seven Sacred Pools in Sedona?

To get to the Seven Sacred Pools, follow the Soldier’s Pass Trail, it goes down, and then up, and can get confusing because it is not marked until you go up again. Go past Devil’s Kitchen sink hole and then you will hit the Seven Sacred Pools-there is a sign.

How long is Bell Rock hike?

The Bell Rock Pathway is a 3.6 mile trail. Along this pathway you’ll enjoy fantastic views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and other landmarks.

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