Readers ask: How Long To Hike Dipsea Trail?

There is a lot of beauty and scenery to take in along the 7.2 mile stretch. Depending on your pace anywhere from 3.5 hours to 4.0 hours.

How long is the Double Dipsea hike?

While the Dipsea Race fills up fast, there’s another option to run the famous trail, but it’s probably gonna hurt: The Double Dipsea, a 13.7-mile grind that runs the course from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley and back, with 4,500 feet of total elevation gain.

How long does it take to hike the Dipsea Trail from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach?

Challenging but beautiful hike. Be careful, there are open studs / nails from lost wood steps between mile marker 4-6 if you are going from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. Took 3.5 hours to complete end to end.

How many steps is the Dipsea Trail?

Even if you’re not one of the 1,500 competitors, you’re welcome to hike, run, or hobble up the shaded 688 steps anytime.

Where do you park for Dipsea Trail Mill Valley?

Turn sharp left on Throckmorton (Mill Valley) and drive 0.3 miles to Old Mill Park. Park along the street; the trailhead (look for the steps) is at the back of the park near Old Mill Creek.

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How hard is the Dipsea Trail?

Dipsea Trail is a 9.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Mill Valley, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult.

How hard is the Dipsea race?

The stairs and steep trails make it a grueling and treacherous race. And its unique handicapping system has made winners of men and women of all ages. Because of its beauty and challenge, it is a very popular event, and because of safety and environmental concerns the number of runners is limited to about 1,500.

How do I get to the Dipsea Trail?

To locate the trail, first find the intersection of Cascade Drive, Cascade Way and Molino Ave in Mill Valley. Look for Dipsea Trail signs on trees leading up Cascade Way to a set of stairs, the first of three consecutive flights – 676 steps in all. Make a right at the top of the 1st flight (.

Is Cataract trail open?

Cataract Falls Trail is a 2.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Stinson Beach, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

Is there parking at Stinson Beach?

The road to Stinson Beach is steep and winding. We recommend calling ahead for parking and weather updates. On hot days, the parking lot often fills before noon, and there are no overflow lots. Cars left in the parking lot after closing will be ticketed.

Why is it called dipsea?

The name first appears attached to the Dipsea Inn, a hotel that opened north of the resort Willow Camp (today’s Stinson Beach) in 1904. Did the name arise from the beckoning “dip in the sea” for hotel visitors?

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Is Muir Woods open this weekend?

ALL PARK HOURS Muir Woods is open every day of the year.

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