Readers ask: How Long Does It Take To Hike The Incline?

Colorado Springs has many very fit athletes so there are plenty of people hiking the Manitou Incline in under 30 minutes but from what I’ve seen the average Incline hiker is making it to the top in 40 – 60 minutes. Many first timers and people from lower elevations are taking well over an hour.

What is the average time up the Incline?

It takes the average person 2 hours to hike up the Incline.

Has anyone died on the Manitou Incline?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado –The man who died on the Manitou Incline on Sunday was a prominent local attorney and avid outdoorsman who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last year, a colleague said this morning. Jerry A. Retherford, 61, died Sunday while hiking the Manitou Incline.

How difficult is the Incline?

With an average incline of 41%, the Manitou Incline is one of the most challenging hikes in the Colorado Springs area. This extreme trail attracts athletes and amateurs alike.

What is the fastest time on the Incline?

The verifiable satellite-tracked record was set September 25, 2015, of 17:45 by US mountain running team member Joseph Gray. Also notable is the time of twelve-time champion of the Pikes Peak Marathon Matt Carpenter (18:31). The female Incline record is attributed to Allie McLaughlin of Colorado Springs (20:07).

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How many calories does the Manitou Incline burn?

Alternatively, you can figure that the average person burns about 440 calories per hour of hiking, so if you take two to three hours to hike the Manitou Incline, you’ll burn around 880-1320 calories during the trek.

Are there bathrooms at the incline?

There are no bathrooms at the top (only at the bottom) and the bottom of the trail opens up onto the $5 lot and another bathroom. Follow the signs for the Cog Train and you’ll find the incline. The Cog Train has separate parking so they do not share with Incline people.

Can you fall down the Manitou Incline?

“There’s a lot of dangerous situations where people can fall. And if you fall on the Incline, you could be falling for a while.”

Who owns the Manitou Incline?

A: The Incline is currently owned by three entities: The City of Colorado Springs, The Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway Company and the U.S. Forest Services.

How many floors is 2744 steps?

The Manitou Incline has about 190 floors worth of elevation if the trail gains 1,912 feet of elevation and the floor is 10 feet tall.

How many stairs is the incline?

How many steps are there on Manitou Incline? Oh, just 2,768 steps – but who’s counting? How steep is the Incline? The Manitou Incline gains 2,000 feet in elevation from start to finish.

Where does Barr Trail start?

Barr Trail is a 13-mile (21 km) trail in the Pike National Forest that begins in Manitou Springs, Colorado and ends at the Pikes Peak summit.

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How high is Pikes Peak?

The waterfall access is open year-round and there is no fee. This creekside trail weaves through Cheyenne Canyon all the way up to Helen Hunt Falls. It’s 4 miles one-way to the Upper Columbine Trailhead near the falls, and about 1000+ feet of elevation gain.

When did the Manitou Incline open?

1906: Colorado Springs builds a train to haul pipes up the side of Mount Manitou to the Ruxton Hydroelectric Plant. 1908: A local entrepreneur buys the land for a tourist train, with cars hauled by a cable. May 9, 1912: The train opens, but the public is skeptical of its safety.

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