Readers ask: How Long Does It Take To Hike Breakneck Ridge?

If you’re crunched for time, the short loop is about 1 mile shorter and takes ~2 hours to complete. The classic loop is said to take ~3 hours. There are a number of other trails that branch off from the main Breakneck Ridge trail that you can take to extend your trip even further.

How far is it to the top of Breakneck Ridge?

The Breakneck Ridge Hike At a Glance

  • Trail Distance: 2.5 to 4 miles, depending on the route.
  • Elevation Gain: 1,250 feet.
  • Difficulty: Strenuous but doable.
  • Type of Trail: Loop (with options to continue onto Cold Spring)
  • Distance from NYC: 1 hour 20 minutes by car, or 1 hour 30 minutes by train.

Has anyone died at Breakneck Ridge?

This trail in the Hudson Highlands is known nationally for its steepness and difficulty. A New York City man fell to his death while hiking Breakneck Ridge in 2017. He was first reported missing after he never returned from his hike, and his body was spotted several days later by another hiker.

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Is Breakneck Ridge open for hiking?

Breakneck Ridge is open again! Thanks to the NYS Parks Dept for keeping us all in the loop!

How do I climb Breakneck Ridge from NYC?

To get to Breakneck Ridge from NYC, you can take the Metro North. On the weekends, the train stops at Breakneck. During the week, you have to get off at Cold Spring, a town about 2 miles from the trail head. You can also drive of course, but there is limited parking by the trail.

Is Breakneck Ridge a hard hike?

Unlike many of the urban trails in the city, Breakneck Ridge is a difficult hike that involves a lot of tricky scrambling, so it’s great for experienced hikers wanting to try something new without going too far away from the city. Trail Distance: 2.5 to 3.5 miles. Elevation Gain: 1,250 feet. Difficulty: Strenuous.

What is Ridge hiking?

The Bay Area Ridge Trail (Ridge Trail) is a planned 550-mile (890 km) multi-use trail along the hill and mountain ridgelines ringing the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California. Currently 390 miles (630 km) have been established. When complete, the trail will connect over 75 parks and open spaces.

How do I get to Breakneck Ridge by train?

TRAIN TRANSPORT: On weekends and holidays, take the Metro-North Hudson Line from Grand Central Terminal to the Breakneck Ridge station and walk south along Route 9D to the trailhead. On weekdays, take the Hudson Line to the Cold Spring station. Proceed north along the platform to Main Street and turn right.

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Where does Breakneck Ridge trail start?

The Breakneck Ridge Loop trail starts right off the main Breakneck Road / 9D, and the above coordinates will take you to the exact starting point. You you will be able to park all along the side of the road or in the small parking lot located between the starting and ending point (more on that soon).

What is rock scrambling?

Rock scrambling is a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges. It’s not rock climbing, but it’s not walking either. Rock scrambles are typically associated with trails that offer ‘non-technical’ summits as a destination. A competent scrambler should have basic mountaineering, climbing, and hiking skills.

What should you bring on a hike?

These items should be on your hiking checklist:

  1. Hiking backpack.
  2. Weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers)
  3. Hiking boots or shoes.
  4. Plenty of food.
  5. Plenty of water.
  6. Navigation tools such as a map and compass.
  7. First-aid kit.
  8. Knife or multi-tool.

Are there bathrooms at Breakneck Ridge?

Breakneck Ridge is a great option for those who want a challenging hike around NYC, without having to rent a car. – Take the train to Breakneck (the stop after Cold Spring) – you’ll need to exit from the last car, but they warn you. There’s also a bathroom on the train you should use before you get off.

Is Minnewaska open?

The Park Preserve opens daily at 9:00 AM and closing times vary throughout the year. Minnewaska State Park Preserve consists of more than 24,000 acres of wild and scenic land located on Route 44/55, five miles west of the intersection with Route 299 in Gardiner, New York.

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How do I get to Breakneck Ridge without a car?

Day Hike to Breakneck Ridge

  1. Catch the train. Every weekend Metro North runs a train up & back to Breakneck Ridge.
  2. Find the trail. From the train station you’ll head south (Hudson River on your right) about a little over a half mile to the trailhead.
  3. Get your scramble on.

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