Readers ask: How Hard Is The Devil’S Postpile Hike?

The very strenuous trip to Devils Postpile is nine miles each way, with nearly 2,000 feet of elevation change. This is a true winter wilderness experience and travel into the valley can be hazardous.

How hard is the hike to Devils Postpile?

Hiking to Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls is fairly easy, but there is some vertical gain and you’ll want to take your time to learn about the geology and soak in the views.

Is Devils Postpile worth visiting?

Devils Postpile National Monument is one of the most unique attractions in Mammoth Lakes. Its fascinating natural history and spectacular setting in the midst of the Sierra Nevada mountains make it deserving of a top spot on your Mammoth Lakes itinerary, and a must-stop spot on an Eastern Sierra road trip.

How long does it take to hike Rainbow Falls?

Trail Notes: The roundtrip distance to the waterfall is 5.4 miles and the hike is generally considered moderate in difficulty. However due to the length, elevation gain, and rocky terrain in sections of the trail, some visitors may rate the hike as difficult. It takes about 3-5 hours to hike to the waterfall and back.

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How do you get to the bottom of the Rainbow Falls?

The elevation gain is about 400 feet, and the trail is wide and mostly dirt, with sand or gravel in some parts. A steep staircase leads from the trail to the bottom of Rainbow Falls. There is access to the San Joaquin River along the way if you want a short break to enjoy the views.

Can you take obsidian from Obsidian Dome?

Here’s what the Inyo National Forest Visitor Guide 2011-2012 has to say about the Obsidian Dome. The dome is a hill of solid volcanic glass. Take Glass Flow Road (west) off US 395, eleven miles north of Mammoth Lakes. COLLECTING OBSIDIAN OR ROCKS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ”

Is Devils Postpile in Yosemite?

Did you know that Devils Postpile National Monument was included in Yosemite National Park when it was established 125 years ago? While Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls were excluded from the park in 1905, they returned to the National Park System when Devils Postpile National Monument was established in 1911.

Can you drive Devils Postpile?

When the Devils Postpile/Reds Meadow Shuttle Bus is not running, you may drive your vehicle into the valley. Keep in mind that the road is narrow, steep, and descends almost 1,500 vertical feet from the Minaret Vista Station, where visitors pay a standard amenity fee of $10.

What made the Devils Postpile?

GEOLOGIC STORY Current studies suggest that the Devils Postpile was formed less than 100,000 years ago when a cooling lava flow cracked into multisided columns. Other well-known examples of COlumnar-jointed lava are the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and Fingal’s Cave in Scotland.

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Can you swim in Grotto Falls?

Grotto Falls is the only waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains National Park where you can walk right behind a waterfall on a designated trail. Visitors will enjoy a picturesque setting, swimming, and salamander viewing on the short hike to Grotto Falls.

Can you swim in the Rainbow Falls?

Rainbow Falls is not safe for swimming. However, the pools in the river above Rainbow Falls can be safe for swimming (at your own risk) when the river is calm and the weather is dry. Both Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots are part of Wailuku River State Park.

How long is the trail to Clingmans Dome?

The half-mile trail to the summit of Clingmans Dome is paved, but very steep. During the short hike, you will gain 332 feet, which makes the climb gradient almost 13%! The Clingmans Dome hike does feature several benches along the way if you need to catch your breath during the ascent.

Do Rainbows fall year round?

Rainbow Falls is certainly one of our favorite waterfalls in California outside of Yosemite National Park. It was a 101ft year-round waterfall on the San Joaquin River in the Devil’s Postpile National Monument.

How long is Rainbow Falls hike mammoth?

2.5 miles or 5 miles round-trip moderate hike.

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