Quick Answer: How To Hike The Enchantments?

You will hike counter-clockwise around Colchuck Lake. Once on the opposite side you start the hike up and over the Aasgard Pass. It takes 45 minutes to one hour to walk around the lake to start of the climb up Aasgard Pass. When you get to the far end of the lake, you’ll come out of the trees and enter a boulder area.

How many days does it take to hike the Enchantments?

We were at mile 7 of an 18-mile trip that most hikers take three, or even four, days to complete. Starting at the Stuart Lake Trailhead our route gained 4,400 feet of elevation over six miles before hitting the high point, Aasgard Pass.

Can you hike the Enchantments trail in one day?

The Enchantments in Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness is one of the most sought after backcountry permits in the country. But to get around this, you can hike the entirety of the Enchantments in one day without a permit, if you’re willing to take on a grueling 21-mile one-way adventure!

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Is it hard to hike the enchantments?

It is an absolutely gorgeous hike, but it is also extremely difficult, when done as a day hike. Over the course of almost 20 miles, you will ascend one mile and then drop down another 7,000 feet to finish the hike. It is a long, hard day but one that you will never forget.

How hard are Enchantments?

The lakes and the views are incredibly beautiful, and it is the main reason why you are on this trail, so take your time through the core Enchantments. But in general, the trail is rocky, steep, with lots of obstacles, so it can be difficult to keep up a fast pace on most of the trail. The red line is the hiking trail.

Do you need a permit to hike the Enchantments?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this unique area, all visitors must obtain a permit if visiting from May 15 through October 31. Day users need only fill out a free day-use permit, available at any of the three trailheads accessing The Enchantment Permit Area.

Can you swim in Colchuck Lake?

The lake was beautiful as ever, not much to say on that. There were maybe 20 -30 people hanging around when we arrived up top so we hiked along the lake for some privacy. We all went swimming as it was miserably hot the whole way up, the lake is shockingly cold, but worth the panic and pain of the initial plunge.

Is Colchuck Lake hike hard?

Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail is a 9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Leavenworth, Washington that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October.

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When should I go to enchantments?

The best times to hike in the Enchantments are lake summer and early fall. In late spring to early summer, the Enchantments core basin is still snow-covered. This makes travel more difficult and the views an endless sea of white (which is beautiful, just more difficult to hike).

Can you swim in the Enchantments?

The Enchantments, a high mountain lake basin composed of a dozen named lakes and as many unnamed tarns, are already one of the state’s most- prized backcountry destinations. Swimmers, however, are not frequent visitors to these lakes.

Where do you put enchantments?

There are two trailheads for the Enchantments: Stuart/Colchuck Lake and Snow Lake. You can either start and end at the same trailhead or start and end at different trailheads depending on the route you’re going to take.

Where do you stay to hike the enchantments?

Hotels near The Enchantments

  • Fairbridge Inn & Suites. 2-star. Downtown Leavenworth9.2 miles to The Enchantments.
  • Icicle Village Resort. 3.5-star.
  • Obertal Inn. 2-star.
  • Der Ritterhof Inn. 2.5-star.
  • Bavarian Lodge. 3.5-star.
  • Enzian Inn. 3-star.
  • Howard Johnson by Wyndham Leavenworth. 2-star.
  • LOGE Leavenworth Downtown. 3-star.

Are there toilets in the Enchantments?

The network of 40-plus vault toilets located through the Enchantment Basin is one of the main reasons the area remains so pristine. Each vault can contain 230 pounds or more of human waste.

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