Quick Answer: How Many People Hike The John Muir Trail Each Year?

The trail has been described as “America’s most famous trail”; the trail sees about 1,500 thru-hiking attempts each year (including Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers), many fewer than the number of attempts on comparable walks such as the southern portion of Appalachian Trail or the Way of St. James.

How crowded is the John Muir Trail?

The JMT is insanely crowded. While on the trail for only 13 days I counted over 1,800 people, and this doesn’t include the people in tents I couldn’t see. This means you should expect crowded tent sites. And your odds of experiencing solitude are greatly diminished.

Has anyone died on the John Muir Trail?

LAKESHORE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Fresno man died after being struck by lightning while hiking on the John Muir Trail last Friday. Officials said two medically-trained hikers in the area tried to help revive Torchia by giving him CPR for three hours, but he died from his injuries.

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How difficult is the John Muir Trail?

The main difficulty of the JMT is the terrain and length of the trail. Over the course of your trip you’ll ascend and descend 11 mountain passes, many of them over 12,000 feet. Altitude sickness can bother some hikers along the JMT, though it’s not a common complaint.

How many people finish the PCT every year?

The Pacific Crest Trail Association estimates that the PCT does a little better with completion rates. While only 700-800 make the attempt each year, about sixty percent of those actually finish. And, according to the PCTA, there are 57 really intense people out there who have walked the whole thing more than once.

Can you hike part of John Muir Trail?

Get the Necessary Permits You will need a permit for all section hikes on the John Muir Trail. Not a full-blown JMT thru-hiking permit, but still – a permit. On all National Forest sections of the JMT, campfire permits are also required for campfires, stoves, and lanterns.

Can you hike a portion of the John Muir Trail?

The John Muir Trail can be broken up into 5-6 easily digestible chunks that can be hiked in less than a week and without having to resupply. You will still need permits, but for most of them the permits are much easier to get and can be reserved ahead of time online.

What is the hardest part of the John Muir Trail?

Hardest: Glen Pass. It’s a long, steep climb, with a cruel psychological twist near the end. Just as you reach the top of a climb that seems to go on forever, you find what appears to be the top of the pass. As you sit there, resting, it occurs to you that you can’t see where the trail goes back down.

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How much does it cost to hike the John Muir Trail?

Assuming you are hiking alone, live pretty close to the trail, have all the gear you need and want to eat pretty well; you can expect to shell out at least $825 to hike the JMT.

How long does it take to cycle the John Muir Way?

The John Muir Way is 134 miles or 215Km long over easy to moderate terrain and can be completed end-to-end on foot, taking 9-11 days and by bike over 4-5 days.

How long is the John Muir Trail in miles?

The 211-mile John Muir Trail is a world-famous trail stretching from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States.

Is it safe to hike the PCT alone?

The point is that we can’t take risk away—solo hiking or not. You will be afraid of some things on the trail. You might not sleep much the first few nights you camp alone. However, there are things you can do to mitigate the risk on your hike.

How many people started the PCT in 2019?

In 2019, more than 5,000 people received permits to thru-hike the PCT, and roughly 4,000 started the AT. Both trails have seen a steady increase in thru-hikers each successive year, but in 2020, fewer hikers are bound to finish when they typically would have, in late September and October.

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