Quick Answer: How Many Feet To Hike Hollywood?

Starting from Western Canyon, the hike to Mount Hollywood is 3 to 4.8 miles round trip with 925 feet of elevation change (including a 4.2-mile looping route recommended here).

How long is the hike to Hollywood?

How long does it take to hike to the Hollywood Sign? The trail is 3.3 miles and can take up to two hours. What should I wear on the Hollywood Sign hike? Wear layers and avoid flip flops or sandals at all costs.

Is Hollywood trail hard?

While there is no shortage of great hikes in Griffith Park, it is hard to beat the 2.5 mile round trip hike to the summit of Mount Hollywood. The trail is gradual, but will still get your blood pumping.

Is hiking to the Hollywood sign illegal?

Climbing the Hollywood Sign itself is dangerous, illegal, and basically impossible, so don’t try it. Because of previous vandalism to the sign and the dangers of getting too close to it, access is restricted and the area is heavily surveilled.

Where do you park for Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Parking

  • Unified Parking (1726 N Cahuenga Blvd) – $10.
  • Closest bookable Parking Facility.
  • Nearby Garage.
  • Las Palmas Garage City Parking – $25.
  • Jefferson at Hollywood – $25 $30.
  • LAZ Parking Lot – $6.
  • 1 min walk – 6531 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles.
  • 3 min walk – 1707 N Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles.
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Can I touch the Hollywood Sign?

Can I touch the Hollywood Sign? Unfortunately, for your safety, the safety of the plants and wildlife of Griffith Park, and for the safety of the Sign, you cannot. The closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign is up and above it and that location is accessible by several hikes within Griffith Park.

What is the easiest hike to the Hollywood Sign?

This can be least crowded route, but the trail is rough and packs a good workout on the way to Mount Lee. The next shortest option, and the easiest way to the Hollywood Sign, is to start on Hollyridge Trail, which departs from the top of Beachwood Drive.

How long is Griffith Observatory hike?

This 1.5-mile hike from Vermont Canyon Avenue up to Griffith Park’s great observatory delivers excellent views over Los Angeles along the way. This hike is around three miles long and visits a less known summit on the southeast side of Griffith Park with views that deserve more attention.

What is on top of Mt Lee?

At the top of the mountain, the road makes a horseshoe bend to the left, passing a plaque and a junction with Aileen Getty Ridge Trail, which crosses a ridge to Cahuenga Peak.

How long is the Charlie Turner Trail?

Hogback and Charlie Turner Trail is a 2.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Los Angeles, California that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate.

Is the Hollywood Sign hike Open 2021?

Due to Safer at Home restrictions, hikes and access to the Hollywood Sign are currently closed. Please help us and the city of Los Angeles continue to flatten the curve and stay healthy!

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What happens if you hop the fence to the Hollywood Sign?

If you are caught trespassing (not just to the Hollywood sign, but anywhere) you may be arrested, unless the officer(s) are kind enough let you go with a warning. If charged as an infraction, you would have a fine to pay. Felony charges for trespassing are generally aggravated trespassing.

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