Quick Answer: How Long To Hike To Sawtooth Lake?

Roundtrip the trail took us about 4-5 hours, including several breaks. The trail is well marked fairly popular, so be prepared to share the trail. Sawtooth Lake is also popular for camping, so expect to share the trail with backpackers.

How far is the hike to Sawtooth Lake?

The hike to Sawtooth Lake is a five-mile trek suitable for most hikers and boasts breathtaking views of alpine lakes and towering mountains You’ll want to bring your camera along for this hike, as you’ll traverse up 1,700 feet in elevation until you reach the largest alpine lake in the Sawtooth Mountains.

How do you get to Sawtooth Lake?

The lake is approximately 6.8 miles (10.9 km) southwest of Stanley. A trail from the Iron Creek trailhead and campground leads approximately 5 miles to Sawtooth Lake. The Iron Creek trailhead can be accessed from State Highway 21 via Sawtooth National Forest road 619.

Can you swim in Sawtooth Lake?

The mountain lake can be accessed from State Highway 75, via Sawtooth National Forest Road 205. Of course, swimming is a treasured activity at the lake. The alpine lake’s cold and clear water is a welcome respite on those blistering hot summer days.

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Is Sawtooth Lake open?

Area Status: Open The Sawtooth Wilderness is exceptional in scenic beauty and is characterized by high granite peaks and narrow glacial valleys.

Are there fish in Sawtooth Lake?

Alpine Lake Fishing In The Sawtooth Wilderness Granted, some of the stocking programs took place more than 30 years ago but the fish remain. Species include arctic grayling, westslope cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout. The pristine waters allow for healthy fish populations that are now self-sustaining.

Does Stanley Lake have a beach?

Idaho geologists determined that the flooding of Lake Inlet Beach was consistent with the geological processes that occurred during the March 31 earthquake.

How do I get to Alice Lake?

Alice Lake Provincial Park is located along Highway 99, 5 km north of Squamish on the east side of the highway. Follow the signs for the park and the trail is accessed either via Alice Lake itself or via the Stump Lake entrance, which is just opposite the entrance to the park and offers its own parking for hikers.

Which tiny Idaho town is known for its many hot springs?

Kirkham Hot Springs Kirkham Hot Springs is perhaps Idaho’s most famous geothermal pool. Located 5 miles north of Lowman on Highway 21, visitors should be ready to socialize while they soak.

Can you swim in Snake River?

In eastern Idaho, the Snake River is a blue-ribbon trout river. As it flows west, the river picks up so much pollution that, by the time it reaches Idaho’s western border, it is so contaminated that the State of Idaho warns people not to let their pets swim in it.

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Are there Grizzlies in the Sawtooths?

Wolf reintroduction faced backlash But the area from the Sawtooth Mountains on the south to the wilds south of Interstate 90 in the north remain excellent grizzly habitat despite the low numbers of their main historic food source, salmon.

What is a sawtooth pattern?

In a cellular automaton, a finite pattern is called a sawtooth if its population grows without bound but does not tend to infinity. In other words, a sawtooth is a pattern with population that reaches new heights infinitely often, but also infinitely often drops below some fixed value.

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