Quick Answer: How Long Is The Fiery Furnace Hike?

One of the most popular and most challenging hikes in Arches National Park, Fiery Furnace spans a roughly 2-mile route between towering, maze-like canyon walls. Exploring it is a spectacular, otherworldly experience not without its challenges.

How long does it take to hike the fiery furnace?

It took us 2 hours, including side trips to the 2 arches & some exploring. Our total mileage was 3 miles. All Trails was a big help! There aren’t enough arrows to be able to see the next one before continuing, and they’re really small and often blend in with the rock.

How difficult is Fiery Furnace hike?

The Fiery Furnace hike travels through a fascinating labyrinth of fins, narrow canyons and weird rock formations. Fiery Furnace

  1. Distance: 2.3 miles (Loop)
  2. Elevation: 4,730-ft.
  3. Elevation Gain: 250-ft.
  4. Difficulty: moderate-strenuous.
  5. Basecamp: Arches / Moab.
  6. Region: Southeast Utah.

Can you hike fiery furnace without a guide?

The Fiery Furnace is a natural labyrinth of narrow passages between towering sandstone walls. To enter the Fiery Furnace, you must accompany a ranger-guided hike or obtain a Self-Guided Exploration permit before your visit.

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Is Fiery Furnace trail open?

Currently, the Fiery Furance area is open to self-guided exploration permits only. Self-Guided Fiery Furnace Exploration Permits are available on Recreation.gov. Ranger-led tours are not scheduled for 2021.

How long is the Double O Arch hike?

The simply out-and-back hike visiting Landscape and Double O Arches, without any detours, is 4.2 miles. Hikers looking for a longer and more challenging day will want to visit Dark Angel and/or hike the Devils Garden Primitive Trail.

Do you need a permit to go to Arches National Park?

You need a permit. Read more about backpacking. Where else can I go backpacking? Nearby Canyonlands National Park is a great place for backpacking.

How long is the Devils Garden Trail?

Devils Garden is a 7.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Thompson, Utah that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

What time can you get into Arches National Park?

Arches National Park is generally open 24 hours a day, year-round. Fees apply. The park is very busy between March and October. To avoid traffic, we recommend entering the park before 8 am or after 3 pm.

Do I need a permit to hike Moab?

Backpacking. You can backpack to designated sites in the park. We issue permits in person at the Backcountry Permit Office two miles south of Moab up to seven days before the trip start date and up to 4:00 pm MST.

How long does it take to view Arches National Park?

How many days (how long or tour) should you spend in Arches National Park? Typically 2-3 days is enough to see most of the park.

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Do arches need reservations?

The program would not limit the total number of visitors in Arches, but require visitors make a reservation for entry during peak hours. Arches National Park, like other parks, closes its gates temporarily when the number of vehicles inside the park near the total number of parking spaces, as happened on May 29.

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