Quick Answer: How Long Is Otter Trail Hike?

Otter Trail
Length 41 km (25 mi)
Location Garden Route, South Africa
Trailheads Storms River Mouth Nature’s Valley
Use Hiking


How difficult is Otter Trail?

Difficulty rating: 7/10: The Otter might not be as demanding as some other longer trails, like the Amatola or Outeniqua, but it should not be underestimated. It has some steep climbs and descents, as well as technical river crossings.

What is the best time to do the Otter Trail?

You can hike the Otter Trail at any time of year. Spring and summer (October—April) are the warmest months and probably one of the best highlights is being able to swim along the way. It’s also the best time to see the wildflowers.

Where does the Otter Trail start and end?

The trail starts at Storms River Mouth National park and ends at De Vasselot Rest Camp (Nature’s Valley).

How many nights is the Otter Trail?

The Otter Trail is five days and four nights, from Storms River Mouth to Nature’s Valley.

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Is there cell phone reception on the Otter Trail?

There is no cell phone reception along the Otter Trail. In the case of an emergency, hikers are advised to make their way to the top of the escape route where cell phone reception is available.

How do you prepare for the Otter Trail?

Otter Trail packing tips

  1. Pack light!
  2. Trekking poles help on the way up and down.
  3. Be prepared for water; pack all sensitive items in dry bags or Ziploc bags.
  4. Take along lightweight, quick drying, good wicking and UV resistant clothing.
  5. Pack a rope that you can also use while hiking the Otter Trail.

How safe is the Otter Trail?

The most common safety threat on the Otter Trail is the river crossing at Bloukrans River mouth, where hikers have been washed out to sea in the past. The advice is to cross no more than an hour before or after low tide. Rather wait until it is safe to cross and do not cross alone.

Can you Slackpack the Otter Trail?

The best known of these is probably the five day Otter Trail, but there are many weekend excursions. Over the last 15 to 20 years a different type of trail has emerged that we like to refer to as ‘Slackpacking’. The hiking is not always easy, although it can be – it’s on these trails that we focus.

Can you run the Otter Trail?

The Otter African Trail event takes place annually and runs in the opposite direction each year. The Classic Edition traverses East to West starting in Storms River and finishing in Natures Valley. With the Retto Edition Running West to East, from Natures Valley to Storms River.

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How much does the whale trail cost?

The Whale Trail is one of the most remarkable hikes in South Africa; however, it does come at a fair price of ZAR2195, which excludes the slack-packing option at an additional fee of ZAR520 per person for a 60 litre container box.

How long is the Fish River Canyon hike?

The trail is 85 kilometres (52.8 miles) long and interested hikers will need to pre-book their turn prior to arrival. Hiking through the Fish River Canyon is an incredible experience and avid hikers will relish in the ability to explore the canyon and be so close to nature.

How do I book the Outeniqua trail?

You can make a booking over the phone (044-302-5600) or (044-302-5606) from 7:30 am to 4 pm, weekdays or e-mail [email protected] Two days after you made a booking you have to pay the total amount for the huts. Money paid for the hike can’t be refunded.

What is Garden Route South Africa?

The Garden Route is a 300-kilometer-long coastal route that runs around South Africa’s southern coast, starting in Storms River in the Eastern Cape province and ending in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape province. The route’s main draw is a blend of a rough coast, lush forests, and mountains, rather than gardens.

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