Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Hike Mt Whitney?

Most day hikers choose the classic Mt. Whitney Trail. The 22-mile round-trip hike will challenge even very fit hikers. Expect to hike 12 to 14 hours to the summit and back.

Can you hike Mt Whitney in a day?

Most people tackle Mt Whitney as a 22 mile round-trip day hike. It sounds long but is very doable with the proper training. Your chances for getting a permit on the day hike are also generally the best. There’s also a great sense of accomplishment in hiking Mt Whitney in a day.

How hard is it to hike Mount Whitney?

Whitney trail is extremely difficult, especially if you try to do it in just one day (as many do). The trail is 20 miles long, with about 6,600 feet of total elevation gain, which is A LOT for most hikers if they haven’t trained appropriately. However, you can also backpack this trail for a more enjoyable experience!

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How do you train for Mt Whitney day hike?

To train for Mt. Whitney:

  1. Prepare by hiking 8-10 miles per week with 5000-6000 feet of elevation gain.
  2. Run 10-14 miles per week.
  3. Focus on building leg strength.
  4. Be able to carry a 40 lb pack for a two day climb.

Can you hike Mt Whitney without a permit?

You do need a permit to hike up Whitney and any nearby mountain in the summer. If you don’t have a permit, rangers will cite you and turn you back.

Can I hike Mt Whitney alone?

It’s very possible to climb Mount Whitney solo, and many hikers prefer it. That being said, I always prefer the buddy system when possible. While the trail is generally easy to follow, it becomes slightly ambiguous at a few points and it’s good to have buddy in the event of unexpected illness or injury.

How many miles is the Mt Whitney hike?

Mt. Whitney Trail climbs over 6,000 feet in 11 miles. When free of snow, it provides a strenuous, non-technical route to the summit of Mt. Whitney.

How do you climb Mount Whitney in one day?

Permits are awarded on a random basis through a special lottery that takes place every year and costs $15 per person to apply. Thousands of people apply for a permit, however, only a small number of hikers are allowed to be on the Mount Whitney trail per day, as officials try to spare it from overcrowding.

Has anyone died climbing Mt Whitney?

A Texas man fell to his death while hiking California’s Mt. Whitney, authorities said Wednesday. A helicopter found Escalante dead in a steep, snowy chute south of a main trail about 11,600 feet up the mountain, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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When should I climb Mt Whitney?

Try to line up your dates with the full moon in the months of July, August and September. These are the most desired times, but if lottery luck is on your side, it’s ideal. These months are the least likely to get snow or ice and the moon will help with your pre-dawn hiking.

Do you need crampons for Mt Whitney?

You should expect to need crampons and an ice axe. Based on the record current snowpack in that area right now the section of the trail known as the “switchbacks” will just be an approximately 45+ degree snow and ice slog. The switchbacks themselves will be covered and useless.

What should I bring to Mt Whitney?

If you are climbing Mt. Whitney, it’s best to be prepared for ALL weather conditions. Whitney should carry the following:

  • Backpack.
  • WAG Bag.
  • Minimum 3-Liter Water Capacity.
  • Food for a Full Day.
  • Electrolytes.
  • Long Sleeve Shirt.
  • Fleece, Down, or Synthetic Warm Jacket.
  • Rain Gear.

Where should I stay before hiking Mt Whitney?

Whitney, you are going to likely need a place to stay before your hike. There are two chain hotels in Lone Pine (The town closest to Mt. Whitney), a Best Western and a Comfort Inn. We stayed at the Best Western our first night before heading to our campsite at the Whitney Portal.

Is there cell service on Mt Whitney?

Yes to all 3, at least for me with AT&T. To add, many of the high peaks in the sierra will also have service. I’ve sent snapchats from the summits of Williamson and Russell.

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How much are Mt Whitney permits?

HOW MUCH DOES A MOUNT WHITNEY PERMIT COST: The transaction fee to apply for the permit lottery costs $6 per application. If you are lucky enough to receive a Mt. Whitney permit, you will then need to pay an additional $15 per person in your group by April 30th.

How much water should I bring to Mt Whitney?

Most people will drink between 5-7 liters of water while hiking Mt. Whitney. DO NOT carry all of that at one time! Only hike with about 2-3 liters of water, then filter.

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