Question: How Long Is The Weano And Hancock Hike?

Weano and Hancock Gorges is a 2.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Karijini, Western Australia, Australia that features a river and is good for all skill levels.

How long is the spider walk karijini?

Tracks are likely to be very rough, very steep and unmarked. Walks may be more than 20km. The Spider walk can be challenging for some.

What is the best time to go to Karijini?

The ideal time to visit Karijini National Park is during Australia’s late autumn, winter and early spring. The days are warm but the nights are cold. The water in the gorge pools can be very cold between April and September.

How many gorges are there in Karijini National Park?

From the viewing platform at Oxer Lookout you’ll see the enormity of what’s on offer in the park. The lookout is at the junction of four gorges and offers a panorama unlike any other.

Can you swim in Karijini?

Visitors are welcome to swim but are asked to treat the spot with the respect it deserves. It’s such an awe-inspiring place that we hope this will come naturally. As always, take care whilst swimming and hiking. It is recommended that you leave the gorges if it starts to rain as flash flooding can occur.

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How was the Hancock Gorge formed?

Horizontal compression caused the rock to buckle and crack before rising up out of the water to form dry land. A drop in sea level caused creeks and rivers to cut down through the rocks, creating the deep gorges that we see today.

What is a spider walk?

Extend your left arm out in front of you, palm on the floor, while your right knee comes towards your right elbow. Staying low to the ground, alternate your bent knee and hand as you walk/crawl forward. Continue this pattern, alternating right leg with left leg, until you “walk” the desired distance.

How many days do you need in Karijini?

You can see the main sights in three days, but you’ ll need five to explore more extensively. Allow yourself enough time to travel between gorges and start early to avoid the heat. There are no petrol stations within Karijini so it’s essential to bring ample fuel for travel within the park.

Are there crocodiles in Karijini?

Being so far inland, and far enough south, you won’t see a single crocodile at Karijini. No fresh water ones, and most importantly, no saltwater crocs. The only risk of swimming here is the temperature of some of the water. The incredible pools and bodies of water in the park do not have any crocodiles.

Are there snakes in Karijini?

“ It is quite unusual for snake bites to occur down in gorges in Karijini; most reported incidents have been while people have been walking into campgrounds without a torch at night,” he said. “Being able to identify the snakes is really quite valuable, and the first aid treatment of snake bites is absolutely crucial.”

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What shoes should I wear for karijini?

You will be scaling walls and wading through water, we suggest wearing clothing you don’t mind getting wet like activewear or even swimwear. Keep this in mind for shoes as well, we suggest water shoes/reef shoes.

Do you need hiking shoes for karijini?

Hancock Gorge is just stunning. It’s a reasonably challenging Class 5 hike/climb and you need good boots/shoes for getting wet.

Do I need a 4wd for karijini?

You do not need a 4WD to get around in Karijini National Park. A 4wd may be more comfortable when driving over the corrugated roads but 2WD access is possible. Do not take the unsealed road between Eco Resort and the Visitor Centre, this requires a high clearance 4wd as the track is in bad condition.

Is karijini worth visiting?

It’s about 750-800km from Exmouth but well worth the journey. We had debated going since it’s so far but well worth the trip. Bring plenty of water otherwise you’ll end up having to boil it if you get it from the camp.

What should I take to karijini?

What to Take to Karijini National Park

  1. Headlamp for dawn walks (see our list of the best headlamps if you don’t have one already)
  2. Good trail runners or light walking shoes (you don’t need boots for the day walks)
  3. Sunhat for protection.
  4. Natural Sunscreen.
  5. Natural Insect Repellent.
  6. Water Bottle.
  7. Swimwear for the rock pools.

How cold is the water at Karijini?

There are huge waterholes where you have to wade and swim through. The water is freezing. It’s even more fun for the adventurous to climb to the different gorges, especially the well-known Weano Gorge. Pleasant day temps are ranging from 22°C to 26°C.

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