Often asked: When To Hike The Colorado Trail?

Most of the trail lies above 3,000 m or 10,000 feet. Hence the season for the Colorado Trail starts only in July (some parts of it are covered with snow till late June) and runs through September. Late September is likely to bring snowstorms. So the very best time to hike Colorado Trail is early July to mid-September.

What is the best time to hike the Colorado Trail?

It’s best to be on the Colorado Trail only from July 1st through mid-September. Snowpack can be a problem through late June, and winter storms are more likely to hit the mountains after mid-September (I even experienced a light snowstorm in August).

How early can you hike the Colorado Trail?

Thru-hikers should allow at least 4-6 weeks between July 1 and Sept 30 to cover the entire 485 miles between Denver and Durango. All multi-day users should be familiar with basic backcountry techniques and orienteering skills and exercise caution.

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How much does it cost to hike the Colorado Trail?

In general assuming an average hike of The Colorado Trail of 4-5 weeks, figure roughly $1000 +/-. This price does not include the cost of gear or transportation costs to and from the trail.

How difficult is hiking the Colorado Trail?

However, because of its length, altitude — and in many places, sheer ruggedness — the Colorado Trail can be hard to get your hands around at first. It can take four to six weeks to hike the whole thing, but you can hike it in smaller segments.

Are permits required for the Colorado Trail?

You do not need a permit to hike The Colorado Trail with the exception of where it passes through wilderness areas.

Which way do you hike the Colorado Trail?

Hikers have the option of traveling the Colorado Trail starting in either either Denver or Durango. The trail is more difficult and the elevation higher in the San Juan Mountains around Durango than it is at the relatively mild start closer to Denver, so most choose to head southwest, easing into the difficulty.

Is the Colorado Trail Safe?

It is always safer to travel with a companion or group. Good physical conditioning is essential to traveling the rigorous Colorado Trail. Even those in top condition can be adversely affected by the high altitude, however, and should acclimatize, especially when coming from much lower elevations.

Can you hike the Colorado Trail in January?

Hit the trail this winter. Winter is a great time to hike a trail along the Front Range in Colorado. While the mountains stay socked in with snow, it’s not unusual to have 60 degree days in Denver in January or February. But, average high temperatures are in the 40s, so layer up and hit the trail along the Front Range.

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How long is Segment 5 of the Colorado Trail?

Colorado Trail: Segment 5 is a 13.7 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Grant, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, camping, and backpacking and is best used from May until October.

Is it safe to hike alone in Colorado?

over a year ago. Very safe to hike alone as there are many people on the trail all the time. There are rangers in the park and lots of people on the trail. Wear appropriate footwear (sneakers are fine), take water and maybe a rain jacket just in case.

Are bear canisters required in Colorado?

It is generally advisable to have a bear canister any time you plan to camp in bear country regardless of local regulations. Practicing good food safety keeps you and the bears safe.

Can you have fires on the Colorado Trail?

Campfires Are Prohibited – Campfires are prohibited. This prohibition means that CT travelers cannot legally make a campfire. The only exception does not usually pertain to Colorado Trail travelers as it deals with metal fire grates in campgrounds where CT folks seldom stay.

Is the Colorado Trail crowded?

Different segments vary greatly. Some, mostly near Denver, are crowded with day hikers and mountain bikers and backpackers on shorter trips. A few short sections (just a few miles here and there) further south can feel busy as well. However, there are long sections that are mostly only traveled by backpackers.

How do you prepare for the Colorado Trail?

Training for a long hike

  1. Hike hills (even stairs) up and down.
  2. Ramp up mileage & elevation.
  3. Ease into carrying your pack, increasing the weight.
  4. Tread on irregular trail surfaces (if possible).
  5. Train your feet and dial your footwear.
  6. Strengthen your ankles, legs, butt and back.
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Is the Colorado Trail open?

Beginning July 6, 2020, Waterton Canyon, the trail, is OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. Now Open 7 Days A Week (the canyon and trail are fairly normal *, opening a half hour before sunrise and closing a half hour after sunset) […]

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