Often asked: What 8S The Fastest Way To Hike Mt Leconte?

Alum Cave is the shortest and most popular trail accessing Mt. LeConte. We recommend arriving at the trailhead early, as parking spaces fill up quickly during the lodge season. The beginning of this hike parallels a creek until just past Arch Rock.

What is the easiest hike to Mount LeConte?

Some people feel that the Trillium Gap trail (6.7 miles) is the easiest trail to the lodge as this is the trail the llamas use to bring supplies three times a week and it is not as steep as the other trails. The Alum Cave trail is the shortest trail to the lodge.

How long does it take to hike Mount LeConte?

Allow 6-9 hours for the hike. It’s strenuous, but not technically challenging. Our hike took eight hours since there is so much to stop and enjoy along the way. At the top, we took a nice break at LeConte Lodge, the highest guest lodge in eastern America at 6,360 feet elevation.

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Can you do Mt LeConte in one day?

LeConte Lodge You can turn this one -day hike into a two-day trip by staying overnight in one of the cabins. Dinner, breakfast, and your cabin are included in the cost. 5

Can a beginner hike Mt LeConte?

LeConte, the Smokies still have something for you. Enjoy one or all of these easy hikes in the Smokies. They’re perfect for beginners and a great way to add a little more exercise into your routine. This easy hike will take you through the cool and shady forest before it opens up to Andrews Bald after 1.8 miles.

How hard is hiking Mt LeConte?

Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte is a 10.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and backpacking and is best used from April until November.

How hard is it to hike Mount LeConte?

This strenuous 11.0 mile roundtrip hike will treat you to Panoramic Views, history, geological

  • Trail Features. Panoramic Views, history, geological.
  • Trail Location. Newfound Gap Road.
  • Roundtrip Length. 11.0 Miles.
  • Elevation Gain (total) 2763Feet.
  • Elevation Gain (per mile) 502 Feet.
  • Trail Difficulty. 16.53.

How difficult is Alum Cave Trail?

About the Alum Cave Bluffs Trail This moderately difficult hike is 4.6 miles round trip or 5.1 miles on to LeConte Lodge. The round-trip to the cave bluffs takes about 3 hours, but you should allow about 4 hours to LeConte Lodge. The Alum Cave trail is the most popular and well-known route to Mount LeConte.

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Is Mt LeConte trail open?

LeConte Lodge® opens on March 22 and closes on November 24 for the 2021 season. Please call 865-429-5704 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, EDT, Monday through Friday, the LeConte Reservation line if you would like to check trail conditons or if you have any questions regarding your reservation.

Is Alum Cave Trail OK for kids?

Can You Hike Alum Cave Trail With Kids? Absolutely. This is a fun trail with lots to see and kids enjoy it. You don’t have to hike the whole trail all the way up Mount LeConte if your kids are young or are not experienced hikers.

Can you camp on Mt LeConte?

The only campground/shelters in the LeConte vicinity are the LeConte Shelter, just below High Top, and the Icewater Spring Shelter just north of the Bouleverd Trail junction along the Appalachian Trail. For backcountry info call (865) 436-1297. To make backcountry reservations call (865) 436-1231.

Do people live on Mt LeConte?

The quick answer to the most asked question: Yes we do live up here except for eight days a month. We all live in crew quarters. As a general rule, most of the cabins above the dining room are guest quarters. Meanwhile, the cabins below the dining room are crew quarters.

Can you backpack Mt LeConte?

You can hike up to the Mt. Leconte lookout from a campsite, enjoy a hot meal and a mattress at the Leconte Lodge, or go primitive in the Leconte Shelter. But no matter where you lay your head at night, these Smoky Mountain views must be earned in the form of an all-day hike.

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Are there bathrooms on Alum Cave trail?

There is a bathroom at the Alum Cave trailhead.

Where do I start the Alum Cave trail?

You can start the trail at Newfound Gap Road to reach the Alum Cave Trailhead. This trail is incredibly popular, so much so that they offer two parking lots. To ensure a spot you may want to arrive early during peak tourist season, or on any nice Tennessee weekend throughout the year.

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