Often asked: How Long To Hike Camelback?

Expect the round trip hike to take about 2 to 3 hours.

Is Camelback a hard hike?

Hiking Camelback Both are rated extremely difficult. The Echo Canyon hike is the more rugged of the two and requires steep climbs and scrambling over large rocks. The Cholla Trail, while a little bit less strenuous, is also a little bit longer. The beginning of the hike is easy, with switchbacks and even terrain.

How many miles is the Camelback hike?

This trail is an intense and difficult anaerobic hike the entire 1.23 miles to the summit. It ascends approximately 1,280 ft, from 1,424 ft above sea level to 2,704 ft. Getting a parking spot can be a long wait if you arrive on the weekend after 6 AM as there are Climbers galore.

Is there an easy hike on Camelback Mountain?

Camelback offers some of the best urban hiking in America. Since Camelback Mountain offers four different trails with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to strenuous, hikers can bite-off as much as time and skill permits. Spend less than an hour along the easy trails of Bobby’s Rock Trail or the Ramada Loop Trail.

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Has anyone died on Camelback Mountain?

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — The death a woman who died while hiking Camelback Mountain end of July was ruled accidental by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office (MCEO). The brief report says 31-year-old Angela Tramonte’s death was due to “environmental heat exposure,” and stated that the death was accidental.

Are there rattlesnakes on Camelback Mountain?

Coon-Tail Snakes Sometimes called the coon-tail snake because of its black and white striped tail, the western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) is the one you’ll most likely meet on the trail.

Is Camelback Mountain still closed?

As of June 1, 2020, Echo Canyon Trail is once again open. Cholla Trail remains closed. If you are new to the area or new to hiking Camelback Mountain, we strongly encourage you to check out other, less strenuous trails this summer and to visit Camelback in the fall.

Can you drive up Camelback Mountain?

No. You cannot drive up to the top of the mountain. However, for the Cholla Trail, you can park very close and start your trek up.

Which trail is easier on Camelback Mountain?

Along Camelback Mountain there are two hiking trails leading up the summit, Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail. Cholla Trail is actually the easier of the two, but that doesn’t necessary mean that this is an easy trail.

How many calories do you burn hiking Camelback Mountain?

5 – 2.5 HOURS rt • ELEVATION GAIN: 1,264 FEET (90 STORIES) • APPROX. CALORIES BURNED: 410-460 rt • BEST TIME OF YEAR: oct. – april • PETS: no • KID FRIENDLY: Not so much • FACILITIES: YES • FEES: none.

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Is Echo or Cholla harder?

If you are not a seasoned hiker or hiking with family or younger kids, you may want to hike up and down the Echo side and plan for 2-3 hours. The Cholla side is the more difficult side.

Do you need hiking boots for Camelback Mountain?

It’s not required, but it helps ensure a witness for your day’s hike and a second set of eyes to say, “no way man, we both have pneumonia and should not climb 300 vertical feet.” Don’t let the dry gravel of Camelback make you a victim. Wear hiking boots or shoes that have good grip and traction.

How long does it take to hike Tom’s Thumb?

128th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Roundtrip, the hike from the trailhead visitor’s center to the summit and back is 5.25 miles. The ascent will take 80-90 minutes at a casual pace. The descent is faster at around 55 minutes.

Can you hike Camelback Mountain at night?

“Camelback is sunrise to sunset and we are very strict on these hours,” said Trevor Plautz, a park ranger for the City of Phoenix. The hours and hike risk are clearly marked at the start of each trail. “If you are looking for a night hike, Piestewa Peak is open until 11 p.m.,” said Plautz.

Are dogs allowed on Camelback Mountain?

Phoenix has over 41,000 acres of mountain trails, preserves, and parks with trails just waiting to be explored. However, dogs are not allowed at Camelback Mountain, including the Echo Canyon and Cholla trails.

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