Often asked: How Long Is The Hike To Max Patch?

Hike the Appalachian Trail at Max Patch, one of North Carolina’s most popular AT hikes, on a grassy, bald mountain that’s covered in wildflowers. Catch a gorgeous sunrise, sunset or afternoon picnic on this moderate two mile loop with stunning 360-degree views and seemingly endless sunshine.

What Mile is Max Patch on Appalachian Trail?

Max Patch Loop is a 1.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Hot Springs, North Carolina that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels.

Is Max Patch part of the AT?

Madison County, North Carolina, U.S. Max Patch is a bald mountain on the North Carolina-Tennessee Border in Madison County, North Carolina, and Cocke County, Tennessee. It is a major landmark along the Tennessee/North Carolina section of the Appalachian Trail, although its summit is located in North Carolina.

Can you make a fire on Max Patch?

Visitors prohibited during closed hours. Camping and fires prohibited.

How do you patch a Camp Max?

Camping at Max Patch is known as dispersed camping, where the following additional rules apply:

  1. Camp at least ¼ mile from trailhead, 200 feet from any water source and ¼ mile away from any developed recreation area, which includes the Appalachian Trail.
  2. Keep campfires small, confined and always attended.
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Is Max Patch still open?

July 1, 2021. ASHEVILLE, N.C. (July 1, 2021) – This morning, the Pisgah National Forest announced a two-year camping closure on Max Patch, a popular destination for Appalachian Trail (A.T.) hikers on the North Carolina-Tennessee border. The closure will be in place until June 30, 2023.

Why is Max Patch closed?

ASHEVILLE, NC — On Thursday, the U.S. Forest Service announced it is closing Max Patch to camping for two years due to chronic overuse and littering problems at the well-known bald.

Why is it called Max Patch?

Max Patch is a man-made bald. The meadow was created when farmers cleared the trees from the mountain top to give cattle a patch to graze in the 19th century. “This is not a natural bald. There were always cows up on this slope.

What town is close to Max Patch?

Max Patch is a 4,629-foot tall bald mountain with an incredible 360-degree mountain vista just 20 miles from Hot Springs. The Appalachian Trail crosses right over the summit running north and south. On a clear day, you can see from Mt. Mitchell on the east to the Great Smoky Mountains on the south.

What mountain range is Max Patch?

Max Patch Mountain Hot Springs NC At an elevation of 4,629 feet, Max Patch boasts a 360-degree view of the Appalachian Mountains including the Blue Ridge and the Smokies. The Appalachian Trail crosses the top of the grassy bald. Wildflowers bloom there in the spring and fantastic leaf color can be seen in the fall.

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What happened at Max Patch?

One year after a crowd of campers left popular Appalachian Trail peak Max Patch strewn with garbage and human waste, the Forest Service’s Appalachian Ranger District has announced a two year ban on camping in the area.

Can you get married in Pisgah National Forest?

Pisgah National Forest & Nantahala National Forest If you have 75 or fewer people, a permit is not required. If you want to get married at a developed site with an office, just notify them first. Otherwise, you can have a ceremony anywhere on public forest land.

Where is Max Patch on the Appalachian Trail?

At 4629 feet elevation, Max Patch is not the highest summit in its immediate vicinity, but this grassy bald is certainly one of the prettiest. Sitting just inside North Carolina along the boundary with Tennessee, the mountain is considered by some to be the “crown jewel of the Appalachian Trail”.

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