Often asked: How Long Is The Hike To Cummins Falls?

The Hike to the Falls. Just a few yards from the parking area is the beginning of the trail. Expect the hike to the falls to take you around 45 minutes. Experienced hikers may be able to make it faster.

How difficult is the Cummins Falls hike?

Cummins Falls Trail is a 3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Bloomington Springs, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

How far is the trail to Cummins Falls?

Right now visitors can hike a 2.5-mile loop that drops into the river gorge and leads upstream to Cummins Falls — one of the 10 best swimming holes in the U.S., according to Travel and Leisure magazine. Because a portion of the hike involves wading the river, the hike seems longer than its 2.5 miles.

How much does it cost to get into Cummins Falls?

Yes there is now $6 fee to go down to the bottom of the waterfall can only be used on the day you choose can not be refunded or transferred to another date if they closed due to weather or any other reason. over a year ago. No fees to park and no fees to see the falls. The hike is well worth it.

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Do you have to pay to go to Cummins Falls?

Gorge Access Permits are required for anyone who wishes to enter the gorge or access the base of the waterfall. Please note: No refunds, exchanges, date transfers, or rain checks will be issued for permits. Permits are available online only. No cash is accepted on-site for the purchase of a permit.

What do you wear to Cummins Falls?

At this time, Cummins Falls State Parks suggests bringing life jackets for safety reasons if you plan to go to Cummins Falls and it is required for all children under age 12 to wear a life jacket (children under 5 are not permitted to visit the falls). Wear sturdy shoes.

Can you see Burgess Falls without hiking?

You’ve probably heard of Burgess Falls and if not, congrats! Not only can you drive to and hike Burgess Falls, it’s also accessible by water. Kayak, boat or ride jet skis to the bottom of this giant waterfall (130+ feet actually). Regardless of where you are at, the view is amazing.

Can you swim at Fall Creek Falls?

The Fall Creek Falls swimming area is a large pool of water near the campground. You will see many people here during hot southern days. There is also a large rock formation where people can be seen jumping into the water. The maximum depth of this pool is 7 feet, and the lowest point is 3 feet.

Can you swim in Burgess Falls?

Part of South Cumberland State Park, the falls offer a peaceful and safe spot for easy hiking, beautiful views, and of course, a swim. Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area, Sparta, TN: Burgess Falls State Park and Natural area is home to four waterfalls, the most spectacular of which cascades over 130 feet.

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Is Fall Creek Falls free?

Rock climbing at Fall Creek Falls State Park is by registration only. Registration is free and available at Park Headquarters in the Taft Village Area and online.

How many Falls Fall Creek Falls State Park?

As previously mentioned, Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to one of the tallest waterfalls in the Eastern United States. While the volume of water varies based on the time of year and the amount of rainfall, this 256′ waterfall is one of the most spectacular sites in Tennessee.

How many waterfalls are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has over 500 waterfalls, most of which are located in the eastern portion of the state, along the Cumberland Plateau or in the Applachian Mountains. You could spend weeks or months exploring all these waterfalls.

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