How Strenuous Is The Hike From Seaford To Eastbourne?

Seaford to Eastbourne is a 13.6 mile point-to-point trail located near Seaford, East Sussex, England that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running and is accessible year-round.

How hard is the 7 sisters walk?

The 22.5 km (14 miles) Seven Sisters walk is easy technically, though moderate due to the distance and the rolling ascents and descents over the Cliffs.

How long does it take to do the Seven Sisters walk?

This walk is just under 8 miles / 13km in length and should take about 6 hours to walk. The walk can be started from public transport using bus route 12 / 13 stopping at Exceat (Sieven Sisters Country Park), East Dean Village or Birling Gap.

Where do you park for Seaford Eastbourne walk?

By car: park at Seaford or Exceat, and catch the bus back there from Eastbourne. You could also park at Lewes, and catch trains to Seaford and back from Eastbourne. The Cuckmere Inn (01323 892247).

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Is Seven Sisters walk safe?

The Seven Sisters and the chalk cliffs are constantly changing. Cliff falls and landslides can happen at any time and without warning. We advise visitors to act sensibly when visiting the area and to stay away from the cliff edge. We have permanent signs in place warning visitors of the danger.

Can you swim at Birling Gap?

The beach at Birling Gap is a great place for swimming and surfing and at low tide it is fantastic for rock pooling, catching crabs and hunting for fossils. However, the risk of cliff falls remains and additional warning signs will be posted.

Can you swim in Seven Sisters?

Friston Forest is criss-crossed with trails that cater for off-road enthusiasts, while the undulating coastline of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters offers walks to suit every ability. The sea is great for swimming in summer, and the beach at Birling Gap offers a sandy introduction to the refreshingly cool water.

How high are the cliffs at Beachy Head?

The cliff at Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 530 feet (162 metres) at its highest point above sea level. Gap on the south coast of England.

Where does Seven Sisters walk start?

The Seven Sisters walk starts from Seaford Esplanade, which is 12 miles from Brighton on the south coast. With great transport links in the area, the walk can easily be completed as a day trip from Brighton or London.

Where is the best place to see the Seven Sisters?

For many, Seaford Head is the best spot to enjoy the iconic view of the amazing Seven Sisters cliffs. We probably do agree with that It lies west of the Cuckmere Valley at the Seven Sisters Country Park. You can access this amazing location by a private road. There is also free parking at South Hill Barn.

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Where does the Seaford Eastbourne walk start?

The hike starts in Seaford train station and finishes at Eastbourne train station about 13.8 miles later. Following a defined path, you walk on the cliff-top, almost entirely keeping the ocean in sight.

Why is it called Seven Sisters?

The name is derived from seven elms which were planted in a circle with a walnut tree at their centre on an area of common land known as Page Green. The clump was known as the Seven Sisters by 1732.

Why is it called Seven Sisters cliffs?

The cliffs are known as the Seven Sisters due to the seven hilltops that make up the silhouette of the cliffs. The cliffs were created in prehistoric times when the land was under water and seawater pushed the softer chalk to the surface, as the water lowered the cliff face was then exposed.

What should I wear for Seven Sisters walk?

You can stop for lunch or tea at the Birling Gap, at the new National Trust cafe and then set off up the hill towards Beachy Head. Wear comfortable shoes – the hike is 14 miles. Don’t forget rainjacket or sunscreen (definitely check the weather before you go)

Is Cuckmere Haven Open?

They open at 7am all year round but the closure times vary with the seasons and are displayed on site – please take note before leaving your vehicle.

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