How Long Does It Take To Hike The W Trek In Patagonia?

The W Trek in Torres Del Paine. The W Trek is Torres del Paine’s most famous hiking route, with views of the granite towers that give the park its name. In full, it’s a four or five day hike that can be walked without carrying gear or food, between refugios or campsites.

How hard is the W hike?

The W Trek is not a difficult or technical trek. Hiking the W Trek doesn’t require you to be a pro, but some hiking experience is highly recommended. Compared to lots of other hiking destinations in South America – especially in the Andes mountains – Patagonia is low altitude.

Is the W trek worth it?

The W Trek is definitely the crowd favorite. It takes four days to hike (but is worth spending an extra day exploring the last portion of the trail) and checks off all of Torres’ highlights. It’s a classic for a reason with evenly distributed trails that make this W-shaped route doable but satisfying to complete.

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Can you do the W trek on your own?

You can be guided or do the w trek self guided (in the warmer months anyway). You can stay in lodges and enjoy a cooked meal and a warm bed every night. You can carry all your own food and gear and pitch a tent in one of the campsites along the way.

Is hiking in Patagonia difficult?

Both of these treks are moderate to difficult, and take between five and eight hours to finish. Though the trails are clearly-marked, weather is less defined, and is likely to be cold, wet or windy.

How many miles is the W Trek?

How long is the W Trek? The W Trek is a moderately difficult hike lasting around four to five days, covering 46 miles on mainly gentle terrain, with more challenging days involving climbs of 600-800 metres.

Can you hike Torres del Paine without a guide?

This is an important question for many planning a visit to Torres del Paine and the choice will likely come down to experience, personal preference, and your desire to put in the time to plan your own trip. If you’re an experienced backpacker, it is absolutely possible to hike independently.

How much does it cost to hike Torres del Paine?

The cost of hiking in Torres del Paine Entrance fee – CLP 21 000/US$26 in season, off-season (May to September) – CLP 11 000/US$14; the price is fixed and doesn’t depend on the duration of your visit; no matter if you stay for a couple of hours or a week.

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How much are Refugios in Torres del Paine?

Refugios make trekking considerably easier but are expensive: a made bed and full board costs between $81 and $112 per person. Meals are filling but certainly not gourmet.

How do you hike the trek in Patagonia?

10 Tips for Hiking Torres del Paine’s W Trek in Patagonia

  1. Reserve early.
  2. Lighten your load.
  3. Everything in the park is EXPENSIVE.
  4. You can hike the W in only 4 days / 3 nights.
  5. Direction is mostly irrelevant.
  6. Get on the earliest bus possible.
  7. You won’t get lost.
  8. Lodging/camping quality really varies.

How long is the Torres del Paine hike?

The Torres del Paine W trek is a ‘w’ shaped hiking trail that covers a distance of around 50-miles (80 km) through Torres del Paine National Park.

Are there snakes in Patagonia?

There are no venomous snakes known in Patagonia, and it is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any poisonous crawlers. While all wild animals can be dangerous if provoked, in Patagonia and Chile, pumas are protected animals and therefore have no fear of humans.

Can you hike Patagonia without a guide?

The simple answer is yes, you can hike Patagonia without a guide, and there are certainly some perks. A trekking guide will always have an evacuation plan when it comes to injuries or extreme weather, so if you decide to go it alone make sure you do too.

Can you see Torres del Paine from Argentina?

El Calafate is the main entry point for the nearby Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, a popular add-on destination to Torres del Paine. If your international flight comes into Buenos Aires, then El Calafate is also a necessary stopover before reaching Torres del Paine.

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