FAQ: Where To Hike Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Big Cottonwood Canyon Hiking Trails

  • Bear Trap Fork – Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Broads Fork Hiking Trail – Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Brighton Lakes Trail – Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Snowshoeing the Days Fork Trail.
  • Donut Falls Hiking Trail – Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Hidden Falls.
  • Lake Blanche Mill B South Trail – Big Cottonwood Canyon.

How long is the Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail?

Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway is a 14.6 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for road biking and scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

How do you get to Big Cottonwood Canyon?

To reach Big Cottonwood Canyon from Salt Lake City, take I-215 to the 6200 South “Canyons” exit and then continue east on U-152, following signs to Solitude and Brighton. This 15-mile scenic byway takes about one hour round trip. From the main road, this canyon narrows almost immediately into dramatic alpine scenery.

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Is there a fee for Big Cottonwood Canyon?

It’s just a canyon. It’s free to drive up, free to hike, free to picnic in most areas. The only costs are if you camp, and there are one or two picnic areas that charge for day use but they are well marked. Parking at the top of the canyon,at Brighton is also free.

What is there to do in Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Top Ten Summertime Activities in Big Cottonwood Canyon

  • 1) Brunch at Silver Fork Lodge.
  • 2) Hike to the Willow Fork Beaver Pond.
  • 3) Hike Lake Mary.
  • 5) Hike Lake Blanche.
  • 6) Saturday Yoga at Solitude.
  • 7) Lift-Served Mountain Biking at Solitude.
  • 8) Mountain Biking the Wasatch Crest.
  • 9) Wildflower Festival.

Can you hike Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Broads Fork trail head begins at the Lower S-Turn 4.5 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is the first trail that starts from the west end of the lower S-Turn parking lot. It begins up a steep angled hill through aspens and pine trees till you reach the Twin Peaks Wilderness sign.

Can you drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Big Cottonwood Canyon State Byway Make the 15-mile drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon for some of the best alpine views in the Salt Lake City area. Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Drive follows Highway 190 up the canyon. It affords plenty of opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, camping or fishing along the way.

Can you swim in Big Cottonwood Canyon?

— Swimming or wading: Swimming, wading and motorized boating are prohibited in protected watersheds. This includes Lake Mary in the Brighton area of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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Where are Big and Little Cottonwood canyons?

Cleaving the mighty Wasatch range on the southeastern outskirts of Salt Lake City are two drainage systems that every skier and snowboarder should be familiar with: Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyons.

Why are dogs not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Sixty percent of the Salt Lake Valley’s drinking water supply comes from four Wasatch Front watersheds – Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, City Creek, and Parleys Canyons. Because dog waste contains bacteria and parasites that can make drinking water unsafe, local laws prohibit allowing dogs in the watershed.

Can you camp anywhere in Big Cottonwood Canyon?

Tri-Canyon Regulations No camping within one half mile of any road in Mill Creek Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, or Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Is Donut Falls open right now?

Donut Falls Trail now open to the public.

Is Guardsman Pass Open 2021?

Guardsman Pass is fully open for the season. Every year the road connecting Park City to Wasatch County and Big Cottonwood Canyon closes for the winter season. The road is normally opened sometime in June, but after a lighter than normal snow season, Utah Department of Transportation opened the gates early.

How long is Cecret Lake Hike?

The trail is 1.2 miles each way and gains about 450 feet in elevation. It’s easy enough for almost everyone but children find it enough of a challenge that they will feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach the lake.

How long of a hike is Donut Falls?

Donut Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Salt Lake area and for good reason. In just 1.5 miles round trip hikers are treated to a beautiful alpine forest before arriving at a breathtaking waterfall with a unique donut hole formation near the top. The well-marked trail is wide and easy to follow.

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What is the elevation of Cottonwood canyon?

Little Cottonwood Canyon is a west-facing break in the Wasatch mountain range which rises from an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level at the mouth of the canyon to over 11,000 feet at the top of the watershed. State Highway 210, a designated Scenic Byway, provides access to Alta from the Salt Lake Valley.

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