FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Hike Mount Greylock Ma?

You can either drive to the summit, or take moderate-to-long day hikes (the shortest taking less than 90 minutes to reach the top). The summit offers great views of the Green Mountains to the north, Catskills to the southwest,and the Adirondacks to the northwest.

How hard is it to hike Mt Greylock?

The one campground at Mount Greylock is a hike-in campground. The overnight parking area is 5 miles north of the visitor center on Rockwell Road. Hike 1.3 miles in to reach the private, wooded sites. The hike is labeled moderately strenuous.

What is the best trail on Mount Greylock?


  1. Vista Loop via Overlook Trail and Appalachian Trail.
  2. Mount Fitch Loop via Appalachian Trail.
  3. Robinson’s Point via Bellows Pipe Trail.
  4. Robinson’s Point Loop via Gould Trail and Bellows Pipe Trail.
  5. Robinson’s Point Loop via Bellows Pipe Trail.
  6. Hopper Tr to Campground 1.25 mi via Cheshire Harbor Trail.

Can you hike Mt Greylock?

There are 19 moderate trails in Mount Greylock State Reservation ranging from 1 to 7.6 miles and from 1,105 to 3,490 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you’ll be out on the trail in no time!

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Can kids hike Mt Greylock?

Mount Greylock Strong older children can make the full ascent in just a few hours.

Can you hike Mt Greylock in winter?

Greylock. With 60 – 90 mile views off from the top, the summit is an obvious destination for hikers and snowshoers, but with over 70 miles of hiking trails, most of which are accessible in winter, Mt. Greylock State Reservation offers enough terrain to keep snowshoers and hikers entertained for many winters.

Where do you park to hike Mt Greylock?

To access the Thunderbolt trailhead, hikers can park in nearly adjacent lots on Thiel Road and Gould Road in Adams, Massachusetts. To get there from North Adams, the major jumping-off point for anybody heading to Greylock, take Route 8 south for about two miles, and then, make a right onto Friend Street at a rotary.

What is the elevation of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts?

At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. From its peak on a clear day, you can see as far as 90 miles away.

Can you drive to the top of Mount Greylock?

The highest peak in Massachusetts is Mount Greylock. Measuring in at 3,491 feet about sea level, this mountain is a truly stunning spot. A drive up Rockwell Road will take you all the way to the top and is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the mountain in comfort.

Is Mt Greylock open?

The center is staffed and open daily from 9 am to 5 pm (4 pm during late fall to early spring). If this is your first visit to Mount Greylock this is a great place to stop and gather information, check out the exhibits, and watch an orientation film about the park.

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Can you drive up Mt Greylock at night?

Mount Greylock experiences rough winters, so if you are planning on visiting during the snowy months, check first to see if the roads are open. From late May through November, the roads should be open, and you are welcome to visit at any time from dawn to dusk.

How many states can you see from Mount Greylock?

From the summit, views of up to 72 mi (116 km) are possible into five different states: Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The northwest side of Mount Greylock drains into the Green River, then into the Hoosic River, Hudson River, and New York Harbor.

How did Mt Greylock get its name?

The cragless peak is within the Mount Greylock State Reservation and is popular for winter sports. Bascom Lodge (1937), located at the summit, is open during the summer and fall. The name Greylock is from that of an early 18th-century Waranoke Indian chief.

How tall is Mt Greylock?

The high point of Connecticut is 740 feet south and 80 vertical feet below the summit of Mount Frissell, which lies in Massachusetts. This place is commonly referred to as the “South Slope of Mount Frissell”, but could also be called the south ridge, even if not a very pronounced one.

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