LuckyBums Kid Snowshoes

I am a member of the, where they send me deals on outdoor product there is no possible way I can live without. Seriously, they get me every time. One of my favorite sales they offer fairly frequently is on LuckyBums product. If you have read my blog before you will have seen reviews... Continue Reading →

Construction Season!

Hello friends! You may have noticed a lot of alerts and notifications coming through. I am currently in the process of simplifying the website so it isn't as cumbersome. The post today about Madison Campground was a new post. Many of the other posts you may be seeing as new are ones I wrote a... Continue Reading →

Pardon my dust…

Hey friends! I wanted to give a quick heads up, that I am going to be doing a little work on the blog to clean things up. Spring cleaning if you will, especially with summer knocking on the door! You might see a few old posts reappear (or for new readers, they might be brand... Continue Reading →

Got Twitter?

We just did! I am learning the ropes, but will be updating this way too. So, join us via twitter and receive tweets! Our user name is: @HkWTd_PNW Upcoming posts include a new recipe (and surprise – it has avocados!) and a campsite review! Stay tuned and join up! I have more ideas, including a... Continue Reading →

Summer planning has begun!

I start getting the itch to get back out camping about 2 weeks after I have finished winterizing our sweet little Dottie. That puts us in October usually, and by this time of year, I start watching weather forecasts to see if I might be able to sneak in a trip. I also start filling... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in 2013! Especially all the best camping, memories, hiking, and outdoor time you can muster! Enjoy your family and those you care about too! We have a lot planned and look forward to sharing with you what we see and what we... Continue Reading →

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