Activity: Prehistoric Gardens

We have stopped at the Prehistoric Gardens twice. We stopped here years ago when my son was 4 and then again this summer. He wasn’t overly excited about it back then, but I was thinking with him being a little older on this trip and the fact we were meeting up with one of his friends it... Continue Reading →

Trip Itinerary: Southwestern Oregon

As we live in Portland, we spend a lot of time in the Northern part of our state. Oregon is a pretty big place and it takes some time to travel to other areas. You can figure, going from west to east starting at the Coast, will take you 6+ hours to get to our shared... Continue Reading →

Not a real post..but a favor!

Hi friends! I have just entered the "Share the Experience" photo contest, and I am wondering if you might be willing to help me? I have entered 2 photos into two of the categories, if you think they are good, I am hoping you might vote for them. It relates to the blog, because these... Continue Reading →

Home and out again!

The last three weeks of my life were spent on the road, having a great journey with the Lad and 2 friends. I was home for 3 days, and took off again for another camping trip. Those 3 days were barely enough to get the trailer unpacked, cleaned up, and repacked, let alone, get anything... Continue Reading →

Favorite: Puzzling puzzles!

Sports gear and art supplies are awesome. Games are fantastic too, but sometimes you want to challenge your brains a bit or have you kids play on their own. The Lad just loves mazes and dot to dots, so I have added some different puzzles and activity books to the activity box. I found this... Continue Reading →

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