Trip Itinerary: Southwestern Oregon

As we live in Portland, we spend a lot of time in the Northern part of our state. Oregon is a pretty big place and it takes some time to travel to other areas. You can figure, going from west to east starting at theĀ Coast, will take you 6+ hours to get to our shared... Continue Reading →

Planning our big summer trip – My ExplOREGON Road Trip

I am an adventurer. I love to travel and see new things. I like being where things are foreign to me and I like trying things for the first time. This has never scared me. Places call to me, and I try to listen. I had big plans this summer to do another long trip... Continue Reading →

Not a real post..but a favor!

Hi friends! I have just entered the "Share the Experience" photo contest, and I am wondering if you might be willing to help me? I have entered 2 photos into two of the categories, if you think they are good, I am hoping you might vote for them. It relates to the blog, because these... Continue Reading →

Home and out again!

The last three weeks of my life were spent on the road, having a great journey with the Lad and 2 friends. I was home for 3 days, and took off again for another camping trip. Those 3 days were barely enough to get the trailer unpacked, cleaned up, and repacked, let alone, get anything... Continue Reading →

Favorite: Puzzling puzzles!

Sports gear and art supplies are awesome. Games are fantastic too, but sometimes you want to challenge your brains a bit or have you kids play on their own. The Lad just loves mazes and dot to dots, so I have added some different puzzles and activity books to the activity box. I found this... Continue Reading →

LuckyBums Kid Snowshoes

I am a member of the, where they send me deals on outdoor product there is no possible way I can live without. Seriously, they get me every time. One of my favorite sales they offer fairly frequently is on LuckyBums product. If you have read my blog before you will have seen reviews... Continue Reading →

Construction Season!

Hello friends! You may have noticed a lot of alerts and notifications coming through. I am currently in the process of simplifying the website so it isn't as cumbersome. The post today about Madison Campground was a new post. Many of the other posts you may be seeing as new are ones I wrote a... Continue Reading →

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