Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheets!

Disney's live action "Beauty and the Beast" will be hitting theaters on 17 March 2017. In anticipation of the film they have given us coloring sheets to spread around so you and your kiddos have something fun to tide you over until the release date! Until you go! Get those colors ready! Garderobe Plumette... Continue Reading →

Favorites: Hiking Nice-to-haves!

As we are getting back into hiking and hitting a groove, there are a few things we require (and a couple of other things we just really like). Anything to make hiking with kids easier and more fun is worth it. Here are a couple of things we really like. None of these are really... Continue Reading →

Favorites: Multi-tool Clip!

I grew up watching MacGyver. He was so awesome! When he found himself in a jam he would search his pockets and his surroundings and could make a bomb and a trap to catch the bad guys with a gum wrapper, two potato chips, some dental floss, some potpourri, a wet noodle, and a herring.... Continue Reading →

Favorite: Salt!

I have had to take a little break from blogging. The end of summer became crazy busy with trips overseas to visit family and vacation (pretty soon I will post a link here so you can read about it), getting the Lad back in school, and settling back into our time zone and schedules. Now... Continue Reading →

Favorites: Mama’s Go Tos!

I have gone over the several things that are favorites of kids with sports, art, games, and puzzles. Eventually I will talk about some of our favorite apps, but right now I thought it would be good to turn the focus to the Mamas. I am packing for our big trip and starting to pull... Continue Reading →

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