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About Me!Finn took my picture. I love this one!

In a nutshell: I am a wife, mother, adventurer, urban farmer, bookworm, foodie, fiber artist, lover of traveling and the great outdoors. I love an adventure and am lucky to be the mother of a 10 year old boy who loves one too! He has become one of my very favorite travel companions and along with dad, we have seen a lot. I have loved the outdoors and nature as long as I can remember. Skiing, camping, water-skiing, boating, swimming, hiking, exploring – I love being out there and I have never been afraid to get dirty!

As an Oregon native, I know we have lots of places to explore in the Northwest. It is a big place! We spent a lot of time camping and traveling with our little teardrop trailer over 5 years – putting on over 19,000 miles, visiting 10 western states and lots of National and State Parks. Things have changed a little bit this year (2017) as we moved up to a slightly larger trailer where we all have a bed we fit in! We are changing from Teardroppers to whatever you call people in a 19′ travel trailer – gasp! RVers?

Camping isn’t our only jam however – we love to travel the world as well! We have journeyed as a family to Southeast Asia (the Philippines), love to have ski vacations in Whistler, BC, spend much of our summers on a boat in Canada, and take trips to Europe to visit our many friends and family who live there. This started as a camping blog but quickly changed into a travel blog. We will take you along no matter the mode of transport!

So many places to see, so little time!

About our modes of transport

The Trailers
We used to be backpackers/tent-campers, but we got soft and Our campsitecouldn’t sleep on the hard ground anymore. Camping in the Northwest can be awfully wet most of the year as well and hard sides are pretty nice to have and can extend our camping season. We started out camping as a family in our little 8′ Camp-Inn teardrop trailer we called “Dottie” (aka .e). She became our beach house, mountain cabin, lake house, cabin in the woods, and ‘bug out bag’. I didn’t need a full hookup and I could easily off grid. We had some amazing adventures through the Redwoods, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, we conquered the Southwest in 2014 and last year we took Oregon by storm. It became very clear last summer that our needs were starting to change. My son is nearing 5′ tall and with 3 of us the space was getting pretty tight. I was also finding that a bathroom close by at night was becoming necessary and my husband
2017-03-25_15-59-45_218gave me the green light to start looking at something that would work for us. Sadly, I couldn’t find everything we needed in a teardrop. We recently purchased a used 19′ Flying Cloud (Airstream). We have named her “Tin Tin” and along with my car “Snowy” we know we will be off on more amazing adventures! We plan to head to ski areas to camp, which is something we couldn’t really do with our little teardrop. We plan to continue visiting our National and State Parks as well. While our sweet little Dottie has found a home with another family I will remain forever a teardropper at heart. I will miss her, but grateful with what is to come!

The Boat

Then we anchored off Sucia Island for a night

We are really really fortunate that my parents invite us on their boat trips. The boat is a second home for them and we are lucky enough to tag along on various trips. For a long time we were traveling in their 47′ Swan sailboat. She was a gorgeous sailboat that gave us wonderful memories for 14 years. She held together and kept us safe through some really scary weather, and she was wonderful to relax on. My parents were finding it difficult to live aboard with ladders with lots of things to trip on and in 2015 traded the beloved sailboat in for a 56′ Alaskan. This is truly a house on the water. As we spend a lot of time in BC we want to take you along on those adventures too!


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  1. ou mention you towed camp-inn trailer with BMW wagon.

    What year? 3 series? What brand/model hitch

    we are thinking of buying camp-inn, have a 2004, 325 wagon, lots of confusing information whether car is suited for towing.

    Thanks Steve Drapkin,

    1. Hi Steve!

      I was towing with my 325XI Sport wagon. It was a 2006, and we had very little trouble towing. According to BMW there is no tow rating for any of the cars except the X3 and X5 (at least that is what we founding our research). My husband is very handy with cars and installed my tow hitch and trailer brakes (just make sure you have those!). I don’t recall the brand though. It was one of the major brands, and he got it mail-order through a towing website. Fully loaded for a 2 week trip, our trailer weighed 1660lbs, just to give you an idea. We did well with it. We have replaced that car now though, so I am towing with an SUV. It is overkill for the trailer, but we needed some extra room.

      Good luck with your Camp-Inn! We love ours! Feel free to let me know if you have other questions!

  2. Dear Sarah,
    I have just read many of your posts- they are really great!
    We are campers and expecting an infant soon. At the same time, we are just about to purchase a teardrop. We think we could bring our little one along once she is at least a few months old (or perhaps closer to a year) – but are trying to think of where/how she will sleep safely. I like to think it will just work out perfectly. My better half is a bit nervous that we will never again use it once our little one arrives. Any advice to bring us down to earth?

    1. Josh, thank you very much for your kind note!


      I would say, if we had the teardrop earlier, we would have taken him camping at a younger age (we got it when he was turning 3). So, that being said, if you can figure out a sleep arrangement, go for it! Kids are going to love being in the outdoors. In fact, I found when the Lad was fussy, I would put him in the ergo carrier and go for a walk. He would look up at the leaves and birds, and feel the breeze and he would mellow right out. Outside makes everyone happier! Plus, fresh air makes them sleep like logs!

      As far as sleeping, not sure what your teardrop will look like, but I have heard of people putting in kid shelves/bunks or small hammocks hanging over the bed. If you check out websites like http://www.tearjerkers.net you will see different build pictures and they have documented different “kid fixes”. We have small kids bunks in our teardrop (it was built like that), so for us it was an easy solution. As a smaller kid, he slept on the bottom bunk, which was at our heads, but had a little 6″ high wall separating him from us. It acted like a little crib almost, so looking back, that would have been ideal for a small babe. We also did a good deal of co-sleeping (I know it is controversial – you have to do what you have to do sometimes), so if you are comfortable with it, your little one will love the cuddles and you will all stay nice and warm.

      As for other advice, I would say keep your initial trips fairly close to home, and as your kiddo gets older and you all feel more comfortable, venture further afield. We also have tents for shade and to shelter us, and outdoor rugs to put down so we could sit on the ground and not get too filthy. That might be nice for the baby too, although a little dirt, never hurt! 🙂

      Congrats on your baby and the teardrop! Exciting times with lots of adventure lie ahead! Enjoy it all!


      1. One other thing we have been considering recently is a side tent that will connect with the side of our trailer. You can find them in different sizes, and maybe you could attach one, leaving the door open into the tent. That could allow a pack and play (if the tent is big enough) to be inside and still give you and your wife easy access to your baby. We are looking at it for when the lad is too tall for his bunk. We still have a few years, so I am not sure what is going to be the best side tent yet. Will update folks when we figure it out!

  3. Hey Sarah, Michael here. I was with George last week. He put me on the phone and we talked briefly about this site. Happy to find your site. We, (SueAnn and Jack) are always hitting the road. 5 years ago we purchased a Cozy Cruiser. I painted it to match our SUV and we have been from one corner of Oregon to the other. Circle trip through Washington and a little Vancouver. We sold our Cozy in August and have ordered a Micro-Lite Cargo Lite Xtreem. We will take delivery in January. Slightly bigger than the Tear Drop. We can stand in it and it has a Kitchen. Propane heat, stove, fridge, and air for when we hit Monument Valley. Would love to hook up on the road if possible. Jack is 8 and loves hangin with the guys. Check us out George knows all three of us and can vouch for us. We are in Eugene. We just did Clear Lake last weekend. Canoeing in 15 degree weather. We were in a Cabin. Once we get the new trailer we will be wanting to hit the road. Coast is great this time of year. Let us know if interested. Wouldn’t have asked but we know George and like the guy.
    Peace, Michael Rangeloff

  4. P.S. Love the Camp Inn. We are from MN and know the place in Wisconsin. P.S.S. if you were in Mitchel Or at the rest stop in town across from the park in July two summers ago (I think) we may have seen your Camp Inn with the bikes strapped to it. Or maybe someone else. Not too many Camp Inn’s here in Oregon….Michael

    1. There are a few of us here. I know of at least 10, but assume there could be a few more. I don’t think that was us you saw in Mitchell, so you got to see one of my friends perhaps! Thanks for dropping a note and it would be great to meet up!

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