Movie Review: “Incredibles 2” & “Bao” (Disney/Pixar)

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Last night my son and I had the pleasure of being invited to an advanced screening of the latest offering from Disney/Pixar – “Incredibles 2”. After loving the first movie so much and having waited 14 years (yes, it has actually been that long and they do offer an apology for that at the start) we were not disappointed in the slightest with this sequel. We also got to see the newest Pixar Short – “Bao”.


This time we were shown the Pixar Short at the start of this advanced screening. With Coco we didn’t get to the see the Pixar Short and were rather disappointed that we missed it.. This one is called “Bao” and is a heartwarming story about an aging Chinese mom suffering from empty-nest syndrome who welcomes another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy. Her new found happiness is short-lived, and she soon realizes that nothing stays cute and small forever. Our little dumplings start out so tiny and we feed them and love them and show nullthem how to do the things and they they grow up and leave. Mom and dad don’t always know how to handle that and this was such a wonderful little story meant more for the parents in the theater than the kids. The kids will see it from another point of view and find it sweet but it will hit parents a little bit harder I think. Really really lovely.



Incredibles 2

The Incredibles movie picks up where the previous one left off – they have just saved the day at enormous expense and now the “Underminer” has popped up and is trying to rob the bank. The family rushes to the rescue, leaving the city an absolute mess and the world turns against the “Supers” making it illegal to save the day. The Incredibles are miserable and trying to figure out how to live their lives while not being true to themselves. They are also conflicted about telling their kids that it is isn’t legal for them to be their true selves either and they have to hide who they were born to be.

During the “Underminer” episode, Lucius/Frozone is approached by Winston Deavor, a “Super” fan and wealthy business exec who wants to try and get the world to accept the “Supers” again by helping them change the way the world perceives our heroes. He and his sister concoct a scheme where they gradually reintroduce the RGB“Supers” to the world by showing what they are actually doing to help instead of the all of the destruction they leave behind which is what the media tends to show. They decide to bring Helen/Elastigirl in first since her track record on all fronts is the best of the 3 Supers they meet with.

With Helen going out to work, this leaves Bob dealing with his “I should be bringing home the Incredibles25ad0f0ed66cbf.jpgbacon” feelings and he has to step up to take care of the kids – which he learns isn’t so easy, especially with Jack-Jack’s powers starting to appear and in full force, Violet starting to date and Dash bringing home the “new math”. He has to juggle schedules while living with a lack of sleep and emotions are running high on all fronts.

They get the call that things are not going great with Helen after she defeats “Screenslaver” and they rush out in true Incredibles style to try and save the day. But will the “Supers” earn their spot back on the world stage and be able to be themselves again?

INCREDIBLES 2I went in with pretty low expectations because I loved the first one so much. I have often been disappointed with the sequels. Being a red-headed mom I really saw myself in Helen and I love that we have a red-headed mom “role model” who exhibits strength and patience and a whole lotta moxy. Bob is a bit depressed this time, although still funny and the heart and glue of the family. In my opinion we don’t see near enough of Lucius or Edna this time around. Lucius has always been a favorite for us and Edna is just a hoot. Her scenes were very good, but left us wanting more. We all felt like the kids really steal the show and Jack-Jack is our absolutely favorite. His scene with the raccoon had me in absolute stitches. He is a little bundle packed full of fun and the family really has their hands full with that one! We are also introduced to a whole cast of other “Super-Wannabes” in this film including “Voyd” who is a total Elastigirl fangirl.

My son said he liked this one as much or maybe even a little bit more than the first. He also said it was a bit predictable and he knew what was going to happen. I agree wholeheartedly with his opinion and it is why I took the half star off. We highly recommend seeing this if you like the Incredibles. It is good fun with action and a lot of heart and will tick all of the boxes for fans out there.

It is rated PG for some awesome action and some mild language (I am not really sure what that is in regards to though). It opens in theaters everywhere on 15 June 2018.

To keep you busy until Friday, make sure you print out your various activity sheets that Disney made availableand I shared previous. Open the PDFs and just print them at home. Here is the Sneak Peek that aired during the Olympics to get you more excited. We highly recommend!

Disclaimer: I was given free admission to this movie. All opinions are my own and I was not required to leave a positive review. All images were used with permission ©Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.

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